Is Marijuana Good For Sports?

Is Marijuana, weed, pot Good or Bad For Athletes and Sports? Strength and Conditioning Coach Dane Miller aims to find out as he dives deep into the effect of …


  1. In my country traditionally farmers use smoke marijuana when they have to do a lot of hard long manual work in the field they do not get tired .Remember u have to eat a lot of carbohydrates as it affects the metabolism of sugar in the body.Another traditional use of marijuana is to improve night vision of fishermen

  2. Ok young generation! Learn from my mistakes, weed can have an incredible effect on the mood/mind/recovery i always explain it as, imagine of having a real motivated day and feeling it 100x more. It can even help you to structure things or focus even more or help you to push through plateaus because like mentioned your pain is kinda eliminated. Responsible for this is mainly your dopamine receptors, they getting over stimulated, and here's the catch with that! That can cause Anhedonia, worst thing i ever experienced in my life as a 28y. old lifter. Imagine everything you believed in or lived for or motivated you is kinda erased and no matter what you do you can't get that feeling back. (working out helps a little). So what actually happened to me i overused weed (mainly edibles) to a point where i didn't got that high feeling anymore and stopped smoking for a while which caused the opposite – anxiety and depressions got worse and anhedonia took place, which leads to going back to smoking. So please if you testing out stuff get medical weed and see a doctor and don't get trapped in the believe that the more you use the more it's beneficial or you can keep that feeling up forever. It took me almost half a year to get back to normal, after doing some research it can even take up to 14 month depending on the amount and time of usage. I'm back at smoking before sleeping which really helps to improve my sleep and recovery but i will never make the mistake again of overusing it, again which can happen quick if you don't have much experience with it. The main reason i write this post is because i see a lot of lifters talking open about the use of THC which is good but also i think a lot of people overuse it at some point just because of that mood/mind boosting effect, and experience similar symptoms. Just be careful!
    And one more trap specially for athletes that compete, yes it's good to not feel some pain but on the downside there is pain that you probably shouldn't ignore which is hard when you can't feel it.

  3. Another vid I've stopped before watching fully, irregardless im proud of ghostface Miller's stance. In 1992 on dec 15 Dr Dre dropped "The chronic" at the same time at the age of 21 I also started lifting weights while no longer associated with sports. It was strictly for the ladies! My goal was to have traps, shoulders and a back so thick and densely muscled that by the time she say my handsome chocolate face those panties were sure to be added to the collection bro!!!. I started smoking pot regularly and have been since 1992! At the age of 50 no longer having such superficial desires now my training and canabis usage are in accord with the principles I've escalated to now….man know thyself.

    "Southern Bboy respectfully since 83 repping Hip Hop and Boulevard homes projects nicely to the present"

  4. Lmao a bong hit with a nice indica hybrid after a hard workout is a way of life for me. I firmly believe that cannabis has assisted in my injury prevention and recovery.

  5. Was hoping for more focused discussion relative to sports and performance… this was pretty heavy on opinion ranting (that really has been said 1,000 times already)

  6. Can you maybe touch on what neck procedure you got done and how you recovered from it. You have the same scare I have from having 3 levels of disk replaced in neck sept 2019.

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