​Cannabis and its effect on mental health

Cannabis is a well known drug which is known to alter the mind and body. It is also known as “pot”, “weed”, “ganja”, “marijuana” …


  1. 🐲🌹🌹📿🦋🦋🐉💕The odor is a ( pestilence) the most gross smell! Like a smell of vomit 🤮 I smelled that for several seconds since my roommate smokes: ( female ) Most likely because herself-esteem was destroyed either @ employment ( witchcraft ) or could be drugs! Your life is important and NO one has the right to even disrespect you, make you feel any-less in that case get a pen 🖊 write her name ( last name ) time date it report it and speak to human-resources 🦋follow all the steps! Get educated is very very important!!!! 💕🌹

  2. First of All I have never ever heard of someone who have legit hallucinated during a trip. Secondly cannabis dosent at all effect your IQ, new science have proven that. Thirdly almost every bad side effect you hear about cannabis is just propaganda which comes from the time when nixon declared war on drugs in the 70's.
    Ofc weed is not 100% good for you, but when you use cannabis sometimes nothing happens to you, but when you get addicted and cant make a day without it ofc it CAN be bad for you, like every drug.
    I've smoked for 5 years maybe 10 Times a month, I am not addicted and nothing harmful or bad have happend to me, maybe my lungs have taken some damage but mehh.
    Just wanted to share my thoughts😁🍃

  3. I have ptsd, adhd , bpd , major depression and anxiety.
    I have eating disorders and bad sleeping .
    I smoke modestly not every day or all the time.

    Usually I can’t sleep at night from paranoia, can’t get out of bed and can’t do anything because of my mental illness. Weed helps me. I can work, eat healthier, have energy. It actually does the opposite for me.
    It’s like most people get energy from coffee and relax with tea but it’s the other way around for me.
    When I smoke I’m different person. I can do stuff I can’t usually do and I can stay calm during arguments and it stabilises my mood and keeps my thoughts controlled. It’s not for everyone. It affects everyone differently. Depending on strain and if spin is used.

  4. I have smoked weed without Tabaco for 30+years without any problems; I don't drink alcohol for obvious damaging reasons and I don't take unneeded medication for obvious damaging reasons. Pharmaceutical Companies don't want a Cure they need you to be hooked on their branded Medicines. Its about them and Their share holder Money, and not about your well being or Health.

  5. Cannabis has no mental health drawbacks; It releases anything That is already locked in the mind; The British Government legalised something called SPICE, Spice is a psychotic poison that messes with the mind which is then blamed on smoking weed when the two are two deferent things. The Truth is the big Pharmaceutical drug companies know weed has many good uses they just don't want people to know of because the Pharmaceutical companies want to treat you with their addictive medicines in order to generate THEIR Profits.

  6. At one time you could be at the dentist having you kids mouths get filled with mercury amalgam poison!
    And be arrested for smoking some homegrown while wating in the parking lot ? Now either you dont know which is the real poison or you do this is not acceptable!!

  7. My nephew 21 years old is addicted to Cannabis. He is living in shelters and I don’t know who and how anyone could help him. Thanks 🙏

  8. I sometimes get sruck in my mind, which makes me feel stressful.

    Sometimes I vaporize indica from a strain that I like. It relaxes me, I find answers to questions that got me stuck, I enjoy some food, next few days I'm much more relaxed.

  9. I smoke seem 9 and im 68 and feel perfect no doctors my memory is perfect even my sex live is too much because my wife is younger than me because lady's on my age are not a tive like me. All my life until recently my food was farm food in Puerto Rico but now i live in united states and here the food have to be selected and im the one ho go th different places for my food

  10. How trustworthy is this Information?? As many friends and family members of mine never felt or had any of the risk she is talking about what loads of bs I would say

    But then again maybe is true

  11. I know for some people weed is great, can help cure a lot and I am in full support of it being legal. I used to absolutely love smoking weed. However for me, I noticed the days after I smoke weed I am paranoid/anxious, feel depressed and have a lot of trouble sleeping. I also have trouble concentrating and just feel off. I wish it wasn’t the case but unfortunately it just doesn’t work well for some people 🤷‍♀️

  12. I am an LCSW at an inpatient treatment center and I see the symptoms mentioned in this video regularly. Cannabis is like most drugs, helpful at first but as people become dependent and use increases the negative side effects start to increase and create more issues than it helps. Symptoms are more typical in people who have a history of long term daily use of Cannabis. My professional opinion is to try everything else first (therapy, support groups, meditation, yoga, exercise, diet, CBT, EMDR, connecting with people, animal therapy, and so on) before using mind altering substances to help you deal with daily life.

  13. Well I started pretty late with 27, but do it regularly since then. Never had any negative effects and it became pretty much a survival mechanism for me when beeing off from my ADHD meds.

  14. I know quite a few cannabis smokers. Every single one of them has mental health problems. Including my ex who is now seeing a heavy cannabis smoker. He got her on the stuff and now he's got her.

  15. There are short term benefits for controlled users with various mental health problems I think. Though I would caution anyone against using hallucinogens of any kind for constant relief. Pain relief is also a fair justification.

  16. listenning to my family member hack and cough.. then observing the change in his ability to remember things… no fucking thanks. smoking that stuff is a bad idea

  17. It’s insane how weed affects us differently. I have a anxiety disorder. But it didn’t kick in full fledge till I turned 20. I even thought I was going schizophrenic. But weed used to help me so much till my trigger with the anxiety disorder. It made smoking weed for me a horrible thing when it used to be the only thing that helped me and made me happy. Now that I can’t smoke I feel very depressed and anxiety just through the roof. It sucks but I go day by day ….

  18. What about social media lmfaoo depression has not been this rampant sense the mass scale media platforms we have today trying to force you to think a certain way it’s tiring to continue to fight everyday but ayyyyyeee

  19. I use it so i can play video games and disconnect. Also with music. Helps me be creative without feeling like a poser, because there's a lot of that kinda stigma around using a turntable as an instrument. Scratching IS music, because moving the record at different speeds is what the Mind interprets as a different tone. It's a higher/lower frequency vibration. If anything it's actually more difficult than a guitar because with a guitar you pluck it once and it play the perfect note. To get the same note twice on the record you need to reproduce the same speed organically. Guitarists used to hate it because it stole the hip scene from them.

  20. There's no life without Weed, no wholeness without weed.
    Imperfection it's all a balance n pro n cons.
    Weed is a gift from mother nature it cures cancer …..eye opening eh…
    Governments knew this so let's make it illegal n dumb the society down feed them with dumb down education and describe to us weed kills….
    Intact it's opposite. Weed is life 🙌 and I love ❤️ 🌳 🌲 🌴 🌳 🌲 🌴

  21. I was an alcoholic for years (straight whisky and beer chasers nightly). Earlier this year I switched to marijuana and I don't regret it! I haven't had any booze for 10 months (something unheard of for me). I am healthier, happier, thinner, friendlier, better husband/relative/friend and my cholesterol & blood sugar levels are normal. I would rather Merry Jane be my crutch than Jack Daniels! 🙂

  22. Ive been smoking for 25 years.. I just finished my first legal harvest. 4 plants rendered no less than 2lb per. Big surprise, luck! Thats not typical! When the Dude abides, Mother Earth 🌎 provides. Stay elevated! Ill be sharing and growing more for all!

  23. I had a therapist tell me when you basicly run out of weed, being a chronic user, you are more prone to go off (when your not buzzed). Solution: don't run out

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