16 Years Of Semen Retention During 16 NBA Seasons – A.C. Green

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  1. Green was the most durable player in NBA history—the league's Iron Man. He didn't miss a game from Nov. 19, 1986, all the way to his final game on April 18, 2001, for a total of 1,192 consecutive games played. And he accomplished it all as a virgin.
    When Green married in 2002, he finally broke that celibacy vow after staying celibate for 16 NBA seasons.
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  2. You can retain semen & not orgasm if you care about your partner.

    There is an open opportunity to focus beyond your genital energy into a wholesome experience.

    I can easily have sex for half a day & not orgasm & you boost your own energy that can be put unto life & sports.

    Just don't lust

  3. When do you find you really notice effects and long term comes into play, and how do you describe the transition and variables effected in comparison to someone who released daily to weekly

  4. He’s a legend for going through semen retention during the Showtime Era of the Lakers. Im pretty sure the most beautiful women ever were throwing themselves at him.

  5. So easy to be influenced by media and society to desire meaningless sexual interactions, I have to remind myself that it’s not worth it when my thoughts start wandering.

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