A doctor's case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic’s hat and …


  1. No,No,No, at 2:52 you stick your university Brainwashed foot in your mouth. it Cures cancer , I am 28 months of no treatment for incurable CML Leukemia, 500 Mg CBD Isolate in tincture made it non detect in 4 doses,when the Leukemia was rising after being hospitalized from a decade of Toxic Medicines. the tincture was a coincidence from out of stock gummies and a new medicine from the Doctors was already prescribed.{not taken} I would be more than happy to "Educate" you DR david Casarett, and tell you my entire story and you can order bloodwork for me because through my Experience I will not go to a "Medical DR" for anything,I get harmed EVERY TIME my blood is non detect at 18 months, at 28 months my body continues to heal from the Toxic Decade of Exposer to TINIB's

  2. How do I go up on getting a medical marijuana card I have got serious back arthritis from my neck to my tailbone I've got it all over and it's very very painful and a lot of other issues health issues and I live in Toledo Ohio

  3. My little Britain nation is suffering very very badly from insomnia or depression but government not give on NHS who is suffering we can buy private or from street drugs dealer even little young kids 12 year old sell in the my little Britain in every corner now but law not bother at all let St crime go high who fucking care as long our little Britain leaders live luxery life on tax payer money even directly or indirectly investment in the private drugs sector to grow ganja evil fucking world

  4. I have stage 4 esophageal cancer that spread to liver , lungs and thyroid, I was treated with radiation and am currently on Quimo therapy, my normal weight was 220lbs. about a year ago but the Quimo therapy suppressed my appetite until I bottomed out at 119lbs. my oncologist suggested trying medicinal marijuana to open my appetite and after starting cannabis treatment about a month ago I am currently eating much better and am currently weighing 141lbs. and gaining! Best suggestion by my oncologist ever! It works!😉

  5. i wish my mom would listen to doctors like this gentleman. she’s a nurse that is anti cannabis. she rather give her clients addictive pills than even take a moment to understand the truth about cannabis.people like her do gymnastics in their mind or some sort of cognitive dissonance to justify their stance on anti cannabis.

  6. I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and l have just applied for my Medical Marijuana Card. For the first time I feel that just maybe I can be in control of my own pain and disease. Finally!

    HAWAII. IN HIS 90's.
    FRIEND of JACK LALANNE…. another
    pioneer in HEALTH.

  8. I wish people would stop calling it marijuana, it's Cannabis ! Period ! And we do not need any further trials, for humanity has over a 6000-year trial period with this wonder miracle cure, Medicine, food, clothing, fuel and energy, paper, plastics, oil and so much more. It's all bout big pharma capitalizing on their crappy drugs and services, this is true the world over.

  9. I've suffered from insomnia for over a decade, I get around 2 hours sleep a night and it's ruined my life. I've seen people say medical marijuana can help a lot, is this true?

  10. This doctor actually missed the point about cannabis. He really lowered the perceptive of the research that has been done by claiming it was little to no research. It’s annoying. In terms of the medical side yeah there needs to be change in medicine over all

  11. I am a medical patient I use it every day all day for chronic pain I smoke maybe about 6 1g joints a day I also use edibles and oils I am used to it now so I don’t get high even if I smoke a lot with high THC levels I use so much of it I absolutely do not get high on any of it anymore that’s not the point of it the point of it is it helps my pain helps me to sleep helps me so I am not so nauseous from my other medication’s it helped me to get off four of 12 different medication Are used to be on 12 now I am on eight it is absolutely a miracle drug for me it’s not for everyone and I don’t recommend everyone taking the Doses I do unless they need it but you do get used to it and you don’t get high again that’s not the point of using medical cannabis that’s a recreational thing I don’t smoke to get high I don’t use edibles to get high I use them so I can actually get out of the chair and make it to the bathroom in time sometimes I can’t even make it to the bathroom because I hurt so bad I had a skydiving accident I have a fake hip And I have 17 screws and two plates in my right ankle it has allowed me to get on lower doses of pain medicine as well again it’s not used to get high it’s used so I can live a somewhat normal life

  12. marijuana causes harm our state mental laws require you to get a mental health examination if you think its food, id say voluntary, if you say no, they can commit you.

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