1. Allegedly JS said that candus and don didn't know she was pregnant with summer and neither did anyone else until they showed up with her in the carseat and that she drank the whole time not knowing?

  2. Not a subscriber to generalawareness.But we're watching.BK did you see the shadow of the buck knife Ernie pulled out while knocking on Canduce's door? Maybe a plant?

  3. IMO I'm a 49yr old n I do remember being a teenager n smokin some real Jamaican kush,rolled it up n maybe smoked the head off the spliff n I was soooooop stoned that I sat there so amazed at how my hands were moving n tripped myself out trying to figure out how they were able to move 🤤🤣 true story! So I can see jus for a moment how CW felt but she sounds like she was IN ANOTHER WORLD 😉I don't feel it was weed she smoked! IMO😉🤣

  4. Well, in this video, we've learned that candus likes to get high and bk knows how to stall the system w child support. Nothing new there.
    However, I actually gave you a thumbs up for this interview. Might be the only time I give this channel a thumbs up, but here's why:
    I appreciate hearing all of the first-hand information about how they live.
    I already knew the bulk of it, but first-hand accounts do shed some light, and I did not hear any real problems in the stories, to feel as if you all were telling lies. I believed a lot/most of what was being said, and appreciated the insight.

    Bk, I believe that you are having an epiphany re: the wells… but only in a monetary sense, and not a moral code way. I believe that you saw the tide of the gp turning, and that=a lo$$ for you.
    The reason why I believe this is truth, is for the same reason I have never supported you. You saw the pics and vids of Summer. She was not a well-nurtured child. You saw the pics, vids, and heard the calls w the Wells. They are/were not kind, loving, wholesome, good-natured, or anything resembling hard-working, decent people. You had knowledge of Don's abusive, predatory nature towards children. You've heard him sexually verbally assault women that he does not know, online. You knew that candus had children before, who were taken out of her custody by legal governmental means. You knew that grandus had a daughter who mysteriously vanished, just like Summer did.
    So, you knew ALL of that, yet broke bread w those people. You willingly visited their home and socialized w them, while yucking it up and smiling for pictures w them. You sing songs for them, w cute nicknames. You told them that you loved them. You got violently aggressive, chasing them off w a log, in defense of those people.

    It'd be one thing if you were intentionally undercover, in order to gain access…but, you weren't. You chose to be buddies w the likes of the trash that they are. The fact that you were a willing player in their lives, FULLY WELL AWARE, AS WE ALL WERE, HOW VILE THEY ARE, speaks volumes about your character.

    Can people have life-changing epiphanies? Of course they can. Redemption is always available, but you can't have a change of heart, while cussing out people, spitting out phlegm on camera, screaming hoorah ganggang, w a crooked hat and panic hair on your face.

    I'm not saying this in a rude way,, but I'm saying it like the mom that I am,, and maybe like the mom that is yours:
    It's time to grow up, because if you want to be taken seriously by those of us who ARE NOTHING LIKE THOSE WELLS-BLY things of the world, you've got to stop the aforementioned nonsense. Straighten your act up, because you're not stupid- but you're also not living up to your potential, and you never will if you continue to hang out w the likes of Monica, don, candus, grandus, etc.,.
    With sincerity ~straighten up and fly right,because the whole world is yours for the taking…but not if you embrace being a vulgar di@k.
    And stop using the Summer, case as some legitimate reason to be cruel to anyone that speaks something that you don't like. You're very cruel and hurtful to many, but you can't use Summer for that. That poor child had enough cruelty in her life, to have that grow in her absence/death.

    Peace, and do better. You can, you know…but you've got to choose it.👍❤👍

  5. I cant find the membership to sing up. Anyone if ya could help me out . I'd be very grateful. Thank you in advance for any help I truly appreciate you all! #wherssummer! 💜💜💜🧡🧡🙏🙏💯

  6. I live in Arkansas, if y’all need some research done I know enough about our system to get copies of public records. Let me know Benny or Mods! 💯🖤🙌🏻

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