Cannabis and Mental Health Neuroscience Mini-lecture

Join award-winning Carleton University Neuroscience professors Dr. Kim Hellemans and Dr. Zachary Patterson as they discuss …


  1. Weed psychosis sucks. Addiction led to severe depression, psychosis & anxiety. It’s probably ok for some people but everyone I know that smokes pot is on a freaking Antipsychotic med. antipsychotic meds suck your sole and life away I mean everything. If you want to keep getting high with ABUSE & dependence then most likely you’ll be put on an antipsychotic. I will never take an antipsychotic again it’s not worth the side effects that can be life threatening like akathisia that’s not treatable and the worst side effect in the freaking world. I work at a psychward and the increasing patients are locked up because of weed induced psychotic breaks. People think they’re getting away from big pharma but in reality your filling their pockets with your money for pharmaceuticals to correct psychosis and other mood/nuro disturbances.

  2. Weed caused me to have a nervous breakdown with severe neurosis, anxiety and OCD… So whilst it's usually fine for most people, it's definitely naive to say that it's never harmful.

  3. Ahab spoke to Naboth, saying: Give me your vineyard, so that I may have it as a garden because it is near my house, and I will give you a better vineyard than it in its place; If you want I'll give you the price in money. Dr agboya on youtube who helped me to cure my HPV you have saved many its true you are the best thank you so much.

  4. It is astonishing how informed these researchers are on the science, but then completely uninformed on the legal and criminal aspects of what they are discussing

  5. I tend to go towards the mellower calm and really relaxing strain it chills me out so much. Its way better than the stimulating and damaging effects of alcohol.

  6. I’m a 28 year old man, and I started using cannabis for my ASD (severe sensory overload that causes physical pain in my brain) and central fatigue. A VERY fast acting substance with almost miraculous effects (the inhibition of glutamatergic receptors).

    Two side effects I have noticed, is laziness and a lack of motivation, and desire to be stoned a lot of the time, as my sensory perceptions are much more pleasurable when high.

    I wouldn’t change cannabis for the world. If you use it for a medicinal purpose or use it wisely, it can be a tool for development. I was housebound in silence due to my sensory issues, and nothing worked until I met cannabis.

  7. An important fact, when you smoke the plant it destroys many medicinal compounds which the natural sequence no longer exists. It is like a pharmaceutical that causes cascade effects.

  8. Useful information. Thank you. In the “old” days we knew to leave sleeping dogs sleeping. We had psychological problems, with paranoia in my family so I chose to leave the sleeping dog alone.

  9. What I’d like to know is the cannibas is bread to have more CBD than THC will that protect the brain from the negative effects of the THC while still enabling the person to enjoy a stress free slightly euphoric experience? Because CBD is neuro protective I’ve heard and lightens some of thcs effects.

  10. I haven't driven at all in 12 years but I drove under cannabis influence or alcohol influence or both almost every time I drove for thirty years. No DUI, no arrest of any kind and a very lucky man about to be 68 tomorrow with five years of self directed, self imposed alcohol abstinence. I still consume the cannabis though. It is my medicine both physical and emotional. It keeps me sane and in less pain in a plane or on a train. In the rain and in my brain. I don't need a cane, don't own a Great Dane, no man have I slain so I can't complain is my oft heard refrain. Peace and happiness through Cannabis.

  11. " we know for sure", stop that it's not scientific, and it makes you look stupid. Impaired driving, can you compare the impairness from alcohol and Canabis. I drove home once completely wasted from Cannabis, I couldn't even remember what I did but yet I arrived home. Do that with alcohol, it's not the same at all with alcohol because at some point you lose motor function, with cannabis you go to the dream world but your body keep functioning, meaning the unconscious still drives even if you don't remember any of it. People have reported with hypnosis being able to drive while "unconscious", or write during sleep complicated reports, the same thing seems to be happening with cannabis, it's clearly not happening with alcohol. Stop the we know for sure with such things you don't know enough yet, and with everything actually.
    The slide with the Chinese description did not say it cause psychosis, it suggested that if you interpreted it one way. In my opinion it cause psychosis exactly like heavy use of meditation can cause psychosis, like hypnosis can also cause psychosis if done without careful use.

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