Cannabis Tea (Cannatea) – How To Make It

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  1. Hi all! To answer the most common questions: Yes, this DOES smell. Not as much as smoking up indoors, but it does…..yes, the tea can keep a little while in the fridge, I've kept it a couple days. And the DOSAGE info for how much this recipe makes is in the video description, which you should be aware of! Oh and don't forget to subscribe! I got lots of content like this!

  2. Its actually called Bhaa- aang not bang😅 i am from india and its consumed during holi and bhaang is a drink made with milk and served chilled!

  3. This shit worked just did it, only thing is I used 1 tblspoon of Land O lakes unsalted butter, it's kinda gross cause you're drinking straight butter but hey I did it cause I'm kinda sick and didn't wanna smoke….used like a gram and half a drank like 3/4 of cup and I'm stoned and 1.5hrs later

  4. Trying this with 4g, if my buds at least good I should be able to get 800mg, (high tolerance) update soon. Edit…I decarbed before at 225 for 40m to ensure potency

  5. use milk in place of water ,, put weed in cloth and dip in it.. u can add cream 😋. boil it for a while and then consume it.. slowly ,, effect will take around 30 min to hour later ,,, so drink small cup at 1st. and if weed is good it will last 8 hour .. 🙏( how much weed ??? milk will turn slight green in color )

  6. This is shit mate doesn’t work i even put more than 0.5 g of bud 1.5 hrs later i feel nothing. Drank all of it. I had my doubts since u didn’t decarbonate the bud 1st but i thought id give it a try.

  7. First time I ever had cannabis in a tea I used 7 grams of premium top shelf flower. I was so high I went to sleep woke up the next day and I was still super high. I remember I had a training class for a new job as Xbox customer support agent. But I kept nodding off in class and did not get the job. I suggest to do what this says and only use a half gram. But if you want a real serious experience use a lot. It's fun and kinda scarry.

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