1. I was just about to pay the $17.85 for international shipping when it occurred to me to look at your COA for the CBD oil you sell and was shocked to NOT find it at your website. Not only that, but you don't even claim there is no THC in your oil. THC is toxic for cats & dogs. I've contacted your support email. I wonder if they'll even bother to reply…

  2. I’m trying the cbd for my cat Apple now he has some bleeding from his urine I’m thinking it’s feline lower urinary diease he been on antibiotics twice already for that, he will get an X-ray on his program of Banfield soon. I also ordered some more Ultimate feline supplement. He has to wait for his blood work on the program. At first he loose bowel but it is clearing up. The bleeding is getting alittle better now increase oil 4 drops. My sister is using it for her dogs arthritis seems to be working on that too,

  3. I'm so glad you brought up carrier oils and the possible side effects of coconut oil for some pets (and humans!) This is my go-to channel for help with my cat.

  4. I appreciate you talking about adverse effects. Rusty is still on Gabapentin and Carprofen. I'm weaning him off of these but perhaps I should wait until he's not on these. I will check with the vet although most of the time they don't seem very knowledgeable but I'm hopeful someone in their office will know. I wonder if making the CBD cream would have the possibility of having adverse side effects as well since using the same to metabolize. Any thoughts?

  5. Been trying to buy your cbd oil for my little dog family member from your website to no avail . We have sent 3 messages so far and we are based in the UK .
    I would rather buy it from you as I trust you and it does appear to be the best on the market.
    Because we have not had a reply from you over the last couple of months , we have had to purchas from other companies .
    I had no idea about the retraction process so I really hope I have not harmed them by using the wrong product .
    I am aware you are a very busy professional and family man of which I fully understand and apreciate but when time permitting Please , we would very much like to buy your product .
    Thank you for your time and it's good to see you and yours taking well deserved time out to relax and just enjoy each other's company .
    Much love from baby and me🐢 πŸ€—πŸŒ» here in Cornwall, UK xXx

  6. Hi Dr. Jones, my dog takes 50 mg of cyclosporin every other day for her IMTP. I was planning on giving her the phyto 600 from super snouts we have to help her with her allergies. Is this not safe to give together? Thank youu

  7. Does yours have thc also? My girl has cancer and along with her new diet and your supplements and the ones you noted to add also, I need to give her a cbd tincture with thc. Can u recommend one if yours does not? We are starting chemo, her vet knows. She has lymphoma:( I want my girl to be comfortable as long as we have her with us bless her heart.

  8. Plz help.My dog 9 yrs 11kg had seizures yesterday.she went completely stiff for few minutes not even blinking her eyes n then she fell on one side n started paddling n kicking her legs.then again she had seizures.vet did blood test n prescribed phenobarbital 30mg twice daily life time.her blood reports suggest elevated ALT 108 n AST also little high n low Na+ 118.can phenobarbital b given n can low sodium levels lead to seizures?
    Can I give her CBD oil?if yes,then how much n when?plz tell.

  9. I have tried to talk to vet and even thou most states it's legal but not Ga. I want to try this for my dogs anxiety..She needs to chill she gets so shaky and upset over everything. What is your thoughts

  10. I tried Dr.Jones CBD by Nuleaf and Honest Paws CBD. Dr.Jones CBD wins hands down. Honest Paws does not do both Subcritical and Supercritical extraction. Therefore, using only Supercritical, Honest Paws is way less effective. Dr.Jones does both sub/super…..his product is also greenish/yellowish(and smells like a high grade reefer). Honest Paws is clear and smells like mint leaves; also tastes like mint coconut oil….not like actual CBD oil. Honest Paws uses MCT to carry their CBD(that's less effective). Dr.Jones uses hemp oil, that is way better carrier oil for CBD(not all dogs can tolerate coconut oil- my Rat terrier hates it). There it is, honest review from a pet parent. I paid with my own money for both CBD oils. Dec.30,2019

  11. Nov.21,2019…I just ordered some. I will come back to this comment and update/review my doxie's experience on this CBD oil by Dr.Jones. Background: My Dachshund is a 14 y.o. male with a level 4 heart murmur and now(apparently) some kind of internal abdominal pain(kind of Pancreatitis like). He doesn't have it but his blood test did show slightly elevated enzymes in his blood. So, they gave me a 14 day antibiotic(Flagyl) to use. Mind you, the vet gave him Rimadyl and Robaxin and Pepcid AC, all to help his pain. Anyways, other than that, my doxie is healthy as ever.
    Dec. 30,2019 …. I tried Dr.Jone's CBD and Honest Paws CBD on both myself and my Rat Terrier and my Doxie. ONLY Dr.Jone's by NuLeaf works!! I will never use anyone else's CBD oil again. His CBD worked immediately to relieve my pup's pain(Rat terrier is dealing with Mast Cell Tumor cancer and Doxie has heart murmur and occasional Pancreas pains and occasional back pain)

  12. I tried CBD oil for my dog's anxiety during thunderstorms and fireworks. It didn't seem to work. The CBD oil was specifically made for dogs, and from a reputable company. I gave her six drops, or three grams as recommended for a 17 lb dog. The bottle states It's 0.5 mg CBD per drop. The ingredients read: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract. Should I increase the dose? I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

  13. I bought some for my dog and he threw up after I gave it to him…. I have used it for me for quite awhile now but my dog cant stomach it. He doesnt really need it … maybe when he get older

  14. I've been giving my little girl (12 yr old yorkie-poo) cbd oil for about 1.5 years now. Just brought her in for bad tooth extraction and discovered that her blood had thinned out to the point of affecting proper clotting, so I took her off cbd oil for a month for her blood to get back to normal and then proceeded with surgery. As with any medication a blood test every 6 months should be done-just to make sure blood, kidney and liver are functioning properly.

  15. Thanks for this. My dog has anxiety and allergy problems so he takes Apoquel, each evening. However, he also hates fireworks and I know some have given the CBD oil to their dogs to calm them, but I was afraid of a drug reaction so I didn't. Now may ask my vet about it. What do you think about Melatonin ? Would love a video on that.

  16. I was giving my diabetic dog CBD oils, over the last few mos. Before he passed away. He had nurophathy, he had pain. Feet and legs, also throat. The vet had him on nerontin and the side effects of that were too many. I was also giving him medical marijuana, very small doses. About 1mg THC daily, prn. He would be able to relax and finally rest. He ended up with laryngeal paralysis and it was progressive, very quickly progressed. He was 12 and diabetic, he'd gone blind, he had lost most muscle mass in his real legs. The THC gave him the chance to relax. However it was so progressive, and couldn't have surgery. I was blessed, so blessed that his vet does home visits, i just couldn't put him through going to the vet's office. It terrified him. We need more vets who will go to the pets home. I had always prayed he would just be able to pass in his sleep, peacefully. Then it occurred to me, that's exactly what would happen. But having a vet at your home, its just so much better calming, and not rushed, and that reassurance we all need, to be told we are doing what's best.

  17. How would a person adjust how many drops to give, when a dog’s weight is in the middle of the suggested dosage? Ex:My dog is 15lbs. Do I give one drop, or round up to 2 drops?

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