Has the legalization of marijuana changed the way in which we should view the use of this substance? Pastor Joe and Pastor …


  1. Great conversation! Especially around the teaching we get from scripture on being sober minded, and having our eyes fixed on Christ always. Helps me apply this principle to many other facets of life besides marijuana like you both talked about. Here’s another video that I found helpful as well when thinking about the Churches role in this cultural moment:

  2. I work in the drug and alcohol and mental health field 🙂, and this is a complicated conversation. We encourage clients to get the medical mj card if it is used for medical purposes. We ask clients not to use Marijuana 3hrs prior to their appointment. We drug test regularly and provide Education on prescription misuse.
    Great conversation 👌 I think it's important to be cognizant to whether you are being mastered by a product whether it's legal or not. Mind altering substances can change the pathways in your brain which may lead to MH disorders and physical issues. I guess you can say the same thing when it comes to food 🤷 . Education is key.

  3. It actually hasn’t been illegal “forever”. Just since about 1930. I’d like to point out that even if you’ve only had one alcoholic beverage you are still under the influence. Just like if you have one cup of coffee- still under the influence of caffeine. And what about the spiritual component of marijuana usage throughout history? Is that still a relevant use for cannabis? And can that be part of the conversation for a Christian? Certainly using cannabis to gain clarity through deeper contemplation and introspection (dare I say prayer) would be far more productive and beneficial than numbing out the urgency of whatever persists in one’s conscience with alcohol, or food, or sex, or social media or whatever agent available. The anointing oils used by the priests in the scriptures most likely were a tincture of cannabis infused with olive oil which when poured over the recipients head may have lead to a state of euphoria. Lastly,
    in its natural state marijuana is completely useful for its intended purpose. It needs no alteration like other pharmaceuticals or development like alcohol through fermentation or distillation which leads me to believe God had clear intention for it to be used as it was. Just adding to the conversation…

  4. i'm glad you guys aren't afraid to wade into the deep end of the pool on some of these topics. the history of the "demonization" of weed is actually very interesting and provides a great backdrop to why it's viewed the way it is today in the church and had been viewed for the last century. great choice of day to distribute the talk too, given most Christians probably have no idea what 420 means to pot users.

  5. Interesting real talk on 4/20….If someone drives after drinking, their BAC can be measured as legal or illegal. THC stays in a person's system for days, so how would DWI be regulated without a "specimen" test? There's got to be a line that no one would want to draw on the roadside. Respectfully commented with much appreciation for all ya'all do.

  6. I agree that this is a much more complicated idea than most ppl think it is. Regulation and studies have been hindered for far to long to have a really good understanding of it. I also love the idea of not being mastered by a substance. This was a great conversation.

  7. Marijuana is a mood altering substance, you will get high if you smoke it. Unless you are taking it for medicinal purposes, there is no other reason to smoke it except to get high. It is a gateway drug, as is alcohol.

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