CBD Launch and Thor magnet update!!!

It’s what I’m hoping is going to be a huge day around here! As you guys know in a continuous effort to try to do more and more …


  1. Like that not only you describe the product but mentioned a warning as to what ingredients should be included when deciding to purchase CBD and not be confused or uniformed, and your actual testimonial and more so requesting that other product users give you their feedback. That is a wise marketing and business approach. Your website devoted to health is also a useful tool for the people to ask you for advice within your scope of your experience and knowledge (you direct them to a vet when necessary also) to better take care and manage their pet's health. Now Mr. Humphreys I am looking forward to the CAT CBD, food and any other health product line.😊😊😊

  2. I love, love, love you and what you are doing with the chi's and the CBD !
    I found my chi 9 yrs ago .
    The vet sed she was 4 yrs old then.
    And making my own CBD for some time now. I am allergic to THC. My chi Rosie, gets CBD 2x per day. More on really bad days. She loves it ! She has fluid around her heart n lungs. Congenital heart failure. She has a real hard time just breathing sometimes. It has taken us to mouth to snout episodes. We were home
    less for 4 yrs butt have recently been placed in an apartment. Yea ! They took my Rosie away until I had all the proper paperwork n certs for her.
    Having sed all that, I wanted you to know I appreciate you n what you are doing for the dogs and with the CBD. I do tend to go on n on when talking about CBD !
    Have you looked up Burt Ward Great Dane Rescue in Corona,CA? He was Robin in the Batman T.V. show series in the early 60's (?). He has a great website. Perhaps he could give you the name of his guy…..cuz in the end, it is all about the dogs !
    Thanks again !
    Elaine Carver
    125 Belinda Circle
    Apt. 65
    Anaheim, CA 92801
    Email :

  3. i adore you for everything you do! these dogs are my heart! i love chihuahuas. i do not have time for one right now, but when i do…. im getting another. i miss my old man Nibbles so much. thank you and i wish you nothing but success!!!

  4. So great to see Sapphire for more than a few seconds. She is such a fragile little thing. bless her little bald-headed self. What an armful of love.

  5. Thank you for all you’re doing for these adorable chi-chis. I have a tiny 10-year-old chi chi who owns my heart. I understand that a lot of chi-chis are abandoned. You’re an earth angel for doing all you do for these adorable fur babies. 💕🐕💕

  6. Also I don't know if you know this but some dogs can see spirit, so if you find them looking up, or at something that's not there and barking, they are seeing something. If they are frightened tell the spirit to go away. ask angels for animals, to help you and the dogs. It may also help to find a person who can communicate with animals that would be able to talk to your babies and help find out what happened to them. it would help them very much. And help you know more about their fears. Thanks for helping these beautiful babies.

  7. You are amazing, and those spoiled happy fuzzy kiddos are blessed. My testimonial isn't with your brand of CBD but another I'd used for my 15 year old cat. He was failing, and failing fast. Stopped eating, drank little, bad shape. Vet wanted to put him to sleep, I wanted to give him more time, and that's what the CBD did. It brought back his appetite, he started gaining some weight again, actually moving around, minimized his anxiety, and purring again. He hung in there for another 1-1/2 years. I know many don't believe in it, but I sure do.

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