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  1. For some reason, on the days where I take irwin natural cbd supplements, I feel anxious. Maybe it's simply my natural anxiety but I felt unease. What do you suppose could be causing this and how can i remedy it?

  2. I started taking Tincture CBD oil for about 3 weeks now and just recently got off due to heart skipping beats! This slowly got worse over time and I am pretty convinced it's the oil.
    At first I thought it was the FIJI water I switched over to and was only drinking that instead of tap. Is it possible the CBD has minerals that could be messing with my heart beats?
    For the record I have had NO heart problems and had heart tests done 4 years ago and everything was good.

  3. hi there . i just signed up at consumer's lab . could you please check CIBADOL ZERO – THC FREE CBD TINCTURES (7,200MG) . they suggest that there is 240mg of CBD per serving. thank you

  4. I've been taking CBD for around fourteen days. From the first day it's caused me to have strange nightmares that seem to be getting worse. Also my arthritis pain has increased. I'll probably stop using it soon.

  5. Don't give them your Email as you can never unsubscribe. I'm receiving Emails from them every day. If you're a legit doctor, why the scammy business practices?

  6. To all those who want to know. Cbd oil has finally treated my panic attacks I would get once a day between 1 hour to 8 hours long. Now I use cbd once a week and I’ve had 0 panic attacks since I started. I feel amazing sober now. No more chest pain, no more sweats, no more feeling of death, and great sleep

  7. My granddaughter in law has been giving her 3 yr. old a couple drops of hemp oil a day to see if it would help with his hyper simptoms and autisim. He is way behind on speech and control of his actions. He doesn't walk , he runs everywhere and seems to be everywhere at the same time. Very hard to handle and they don't want to put him on the usual drugs. Right ow they are using hemp oil and we see some improvement but I'm thinking that what he really may need is CBD oil. So this is what we will try next. This is a beautiful child but because of his actions and making loud noises all the time no-one wants to be around him. He gets overloaded real fast. I'm praying the CBD will help with his problems or he may not be allowed to start school. He is very smart but some where there is a disconnect in his brain and hemp seems to be helping a lot.

  8. Can you please test Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated CBD Whole Hemp Extract Liquid Drops and Green Roads CBD Oil? They have a rep for being reputable brands and they also claim that their CBD is broad spectrum and completely THC free.

  9. I have tried a number of CBD oils and none of them have helped at all. I have not tried the Charlotte's Web blend but I'm wondering if it's worth it to try. I'm so done with spending lots of money on products that do absolutely nothing. I have chronic migraines and chronic neck pain and gastroparesis and now my chronic pain is spreading to other areas of my body so probably fibromyalgia.

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