Cleveland Clinic research says vaping THC causes lung damage

Groundbreaking lung biopsy research focused on vaping is being done right here in Cleveland. It’s showing the worst culprit is …


  1. This is bullshit, its because people were buying CONTAMINATED CARTRIDGES. If you look at the CDC's information all users who had lung injuries had Vitamin E acetate in there lungs, a cutting agent commonly used in black market THC products! Please stop spreading *somewhat false information*.

  2. If THC is causing these injuries, how come you don't see a similar pathology in cannabis smokers? Cannabis smoke contains THC vapour too! You aren't considering any of the inactive ingredients at this point? Carriers, flavourings ir anything unique to THC liquid vs nicotine liquid other than THC? What about people who used dry herb vapourizers like the volcano? Why did we never hear of any cases of this kind of injury occuring with those? Or in people who dab? You'd expect quite a lot of reports, so you are left with the possibility that something else in the vape juice is causing the damage or that something else in the cannabis is inhibiting it, I know what I'd have wagered on. But it seems inhaling vitamin-E acetate is not good, probably best to inhale only air as uch as possible, but I live in the city, so good luck with avoiding inhaling combustion products!

  3. It is easier to deceive a man than to convince a man he has been deceived. Smoking weed is like kicking God in the nuts. It's like choking the oxygen out of his lungs. It's like seeing your mom die in a car crash. What's that stuff like. Pray for our brothers. We've made a horrible mistake…

  4. Anyone who dosent belive thc cartridges cause lung damage imagine the aftermarket ones we don’t even know what’s in them aside from that the metal inside the cartridges going in your long plus the aftermarket pens being sold they don’t even vaporize the liquid enough

  5. Man I've been a pothead for about 15 years. Smoking and vaping are both horrible for your lungs. Its not natural for your lungs to be breathing in smoke or vaporized oil. Am I going to stop? Probably not. Its worth it.

  6. Why not first start by differentiating vaping concentrates and vaporizing dry herb., there is a big difference. Concentrates can have many added toxins.

  7. Dry herb vape has been the cleanest smoking thing I have come across. If your gonna smoke, do it that way. If you want thc without health downsides, just take edibles

  8. The only diet ever scientifically shown to reverse our leading cause of death (Heart Disease), with 99.4% success, is a Whole Food Plant Based diet. – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

    Use the herb to vape, not the oils. 😋

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