1. cant let them keep lying about this …so they can continue to cattle prod the public …and so continue with the revenue gathering on the backs of the citizens….anyone who has ever gotten stoned knows better…no more regulation is required any more than coffee or cigarettes require….there are many studies that prove that limitations that the drug imposes…which might actually be perceptual enhancements…why do you think musicians use it….the individual is aware of them and compensates …driving slower for example…you are driving within an acceptable range of controll…old ..young.. experienced.. unenperienced..with the flu…distracted by hunger…all types of conditions…that people drive with…. yeah lets just let them kick everyone around another 50 years over more shitlies…after all how else would they raise money.

  2. This is so much bs. Great reason to budget more for same old sadist enforcement, u know people w no life who get off of parading around in a uniform and bossing others around. Shame on this uneducated or more likely paid off mouthpiece for lending his now gone cred to this propaganda.

  3. I am assuming u tested kids. Teens. Etc so this is not accurate at all in regards to cannabis and driving. None of these test driving make sense , cbd oil 1 drop on prescription and then impaired…. Not right at all

  4. to who ever said i couldn't handle booze i was an alcoholic for 30 years and so was my husband and coming home from a concert one nite my husband hit a man and he died. That was the most devastating thing that can happen to a person. So dont preach to me about alcohol it is 20 times more dangerous when you are driving.

  5. It's a dangerous thing to do. Never do it, unless you feel very in control, and a long fime user. These new strains can be like acid. Some people cannot count,, or don't even know where they are, esp in overwhelming traffic. Not worth the risk for sensitive people .

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