Drowning marijuana plants before harvest

Instead of flushing you could try this trick. It starts the anaerobe processes even before harvest. All you have to do is submerging …


  1. When flushing you are giving your plant time to consume the nutrients left in the medium and there is no way to that over night period all you are doing is causing your plant to take longer to harvest trust me if you want to harvest fast with only a few flushes grow organically and you'll be able to flush for about 3-5 days depends on the pot size if in 1,2 gal pot 3 days if 3 gal or more 5 days or a little more

  2. drowning your plants is a really good idea it helps get rid of the nutrients in a hurry and it stresses the plan and make the weed taste better but I would not so my plan for 10 days straight. and also your plants are really little due to having too many plants and not enough light

  3. When you grow indoors , we try to mimic Mother Nature by creating the optimal environment , what you are doing is pointless because water goes stagnant … & then you say you don't believe in flushing … Your plants… That's a silly thing to say because the flush is so important with taste & flavour & you know you flushed proper when you get white ash..

  4. Wow, you hve some seriously sick looking plants. I wouldn't even stand in the same room as these, let alone smoke em. Reason why you ask?

    Answer- Because if you do not know how to grow bushy thick lush plant's, instead of long lanky, wide internodel spacing plants, and you do not know how to properly make a good soil/and or medium for good nute uptake.. Then you probably have no idea what your doing. With the way your plants look, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you haven't fed them any nutes? This is fine if your orgainc. But you must then supply the organic materials during the soil making processes… Or else you'll get loose "fluffy" budz, rather than dense thick budz… Also, try using more light. What are you using? The farther away you keep the light the more "lanky" or "spindly" the plant will become. 5 or even 6 inch internodel spacing is TERRIBLE in cultivating cannabis. You always want to keep a 2 inch or less spacing for a good yeilder. So move your light a bit closer but make sure there is a cooling system (aka, fan) blowing over the tops of your plants so there is no heat spots… Over all dude. You have some very sad looking girls. I wouldn't even smoke that crap if I where you…. I'd start over clean up, battle down the hatch's and do it the right way.. God only knows what shit you have done wrong in this grow… You might be only smoking chems or straight up leaf. haha.. Sorry brotha no offense, I respect cultivators from around the world.But also show these girls the respect they deserve. 😉

  5. Oh boy, people fear what they don't understand.

    Drowning is fine, it starts the breakdown of starches through fermentation when the plant's air roots can't get oxygen. It is essentially curing bud on a living/suffocating plant

    Start with a healthy and living soil to prevent root rot.

    There's good info for this online.

    Try it for yourself but do your research! Understand the biology, please!

  6. drowning = flushing

    the problem is the association with feeding plants water the regular way ( but for a longer period), until all the brownish liquid goes pure water.. ..

    you just lazy… lol

  7. dude…u cant grow 40 fuckin plants under 1 hps… com'mon bro.. if u cant afford more hps or mh get some cfls… thats way ur plants got a bunch of popcorn budlets on them… u coulda grew 1 plant and yeilded that..trust me bro get some cfls to put around that hps or another hps and u will c a big difference

  8. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! YOU WILL KILL YOUR PLANTS, YOU NEED TO FLUSH OUT THE NUTRIENTS FROM THE PLANTS, NOT DROWNED THEM!! NOT ONLY THAT BUT IT WILL TAKE MUCH LONGER TO DRY. BE AWARE OF PHONEY TIPS AND TRICKS YOUR FINAL PRODUCT WILL NOT END UP WHERE YOU WANT. Theres certain steps in growing med grade cannabis, flushing properly is a MUST. If you wants a clean taste, then you should flush properly. Don't throw away all your hard work just to try to cut a few corners to cut down the time.

  9. Read a book or watch a video to Growing pot and start again, to small buds, to mutch water.
    give them only water for 1-2 weeks bevor Harvest for flushing, but not a hole bucket
    and don`t show beginners the wrong way

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