Gelato – Growing Cannabis – Gelato Full Flower Cycle – You-CANNA-Grow – Garden Journey 10.5

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  1. Great demo. Would like to know your soil and any nutrients used. Any issues beside the one plant going hermie. Ive got a chance to get some of these but I've only grown three harvest so, would love more info on thus, " hard to grow," strain. Your results look phenomenal! Thanks for posting!!

  2. So how tall did these get? I'm going to be starting a couple of Gelato beans in a 6ft tall grow tent. How far into veg should I go before flipping? Don't wanna get too tall. Thanks for the content

  3. hello im also doing gelato strain photo period but i notice the purpling on my upper top leafs stunned grow at day 30 of flower any tips? thanks for the grow from start to finish gave me great reference points

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