Growing Cannabis From Clones Start To Finish Weeks 3-5

This video is intended for 18+ audience. If you are not 18+ please don’t watch this!** Hi everyone my name is Nick and welcome …


  1. First time grower this I probably my 3rd week with my clone and I was just wondering I noticed that some of my leaves are looking a little yellowish and the tips are pointed up what may be causing this ?

  2. hello. my seeds popped up but stays same for 2 weeks now. not growing. seeds are one month old. i have no other seed. its so sad. how long we should wait to plant a seeds? should we wait?

  3. High✌️ do you leave your lights on 24/7 for veg? What is your lighting schedule?? For Veg. And than for Flower? I started off with 12-12 light schedule, and she started flowering early but it's dark green healthy and smells tremendous. Lol.

  4. I'm 2 growing RUNTZ clones from Purple City Genetics.
    I'm a 1st time grower.
    One of my clones is taller then the other,it's skinny & don't have many sugar leafes,will that affect ?
    Thank you very much for your help 👍🏼

  5. Dude never put the fan on the leaves just in the air to circulate. U got that little ass seedling doing the harkem shake he can't breathe. Put a fan in front of your face and see how good u breathe

  6. Slice the very corner of your cups off that way you’ll see when the roots have reached the bottom of the cup without having them circle the bottom for a while. Also helps with drainage.

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