Hemp Cream Cheese Dairy Free Recipe

Hemp Cream Cheese Dairy Free Recipe This Cream cheese is made out of hemp and yes it is dairy free! All the flavors of the …


  1. Hi Chef Cynthia, I can’t seem to find where you explain the bread technique in your blog. As you know I love, love, love your Simple Bread! Wondering if you could think about teaching us to make French loaf (Gluten free, Dairy free, Egg free). Blessings to you! Lisa

  2. I made the is just now, I have seen videos of alkaline hemp cheese that is in block form but I don’t have a cheesecloth so I am grateful to find this video of just a cream cheese
    Ssoooo good!!!
    I made a smaller batch than your measurements
    I did
    Less than 1 cup of hemp seeds
    1 lemon
    Garlic powder
    Sea salt
    And splashes of water it really did not need much since it was a smaller amount the lemon juice was a good amount of liquid

    Tastes so good I’m excited for my husband to come home and we eat a yummy sandwich together

    Love your channel thank you!! 💜

  3. Hey Cynthia, looks good what you made there, your hemp cream cheese, the dill was a perfect idea what you added to your cheese, you don't need to add anymore spices to it, had looked good so the way it was, good choice 🤗, and good appetite. 😊😉 Mmm, yummy. 😉😊😆

    Luv P.


    Before l forget, you mentioned in your video something, you had a similar recipe to your other blog? 🤔, what is it called that is similar here & to the other blog there & where can I find it? 🤔🤔



  4. New subscriber! I love your videos! You are an excellent teacher! Do you have any recipes for a good gluten free bread? I used to make all my breads from scratch along with bagels and pizza but have not found a good gluten free dough I can make. Thank you so much for a wonderful channel 🙂

  5. I love your kitchen!! I’m not a good cook but you make me want to be a gourmet chef. So glad I found you on my recent vegan journey. I can’t wait for more videos! I’ll be making the asparagus pasta recipe once my preserved lemons are ready and I’ll make this one once my cashews and potato starch arrive🤗

  6. I just made this and I put some on my fresh sour dough bread that I made today. I had left over cucumber and butter lettuce from lunch and put it on top of the bread and cream cheese. I sprinkled more salt and nutritional yeast on top of the cucumber pieces. It was so delicious! I love it. And I used my first batch of dill from my garden.

  7. Never, ever eat fruit or veg that comes with seed if they have no seed. Synthetic biology will have as negative an effect on your body as synthetic chemistry (pesticides etc). If ya don't eat GMO's (well done), don't eat seedless anything.

  8. If you left out the dill and garlic do you think you could use this as a sub in a sweet recipe wanting cream cheese? thinking that Death by chocolate cake kinda thing?

  9. Hi Chef, I tried the recipe for hemp cream cheese and OMG it was amazing and even passed the test of the skeptics – so much so I turned the left overs into a sauce for a vege bake but adding extra liquid and the hemp seeds on top made the best crispy topping. I am gradually adding your recipes to our weekly menu and no-one is any wiser about there not being any meat as they are all so full of flavour. Thank you for making food fun, tasty and amazing.

  10. Sour dough bread is very much less gluten and especially so, when one uses a Spelt or Kamut flour, oh, and emmer wheat. It's because these are older or more ancient flours.

  11. Love this. A little late watching this, but that's ok. Not sure if you will get this, BUT, I've been using organic white sugar for my kombucha, would the rapadura work (cup for cup)? OR, the organic cocnut sugar (it seems to be called organic coconut palm sugar here in Canada)??? Thanks : )

  12. They call it Sub bread due to the fact it looks like a Submarine. The sandwiches were originally called submarine sandwiches. This looks absolutely delicious and I'm going to have to try to make it this week. Love watching you and all of your inspiration. Hugs and Blessings to both you and Scott and the crew.

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