How One Family Went From Factory Farming to Growing Hemp

‘Growing something just changes your heart, compared to killing something’ — This family turned their factory farm into a hemp …


  1. Factory farmers are often kept in debt by the companies they work for. These companies force them to sign contracts and then make them upgrade their animals houses to keep them in debt, and make them compete with their neighbors for bonuses. Very messed up. Hopefully this family can help others escape the vicious cycle of factory farms.

  2. I’m concerned that’s a cannibis plant,they are not aware what’s it made’s a “Drug-Type” meaning it’s dangerous which contain higher levels of psychoactive THC

  3. As a vegan Stoner I hope to see this all across the world! You know what's crazy to think about? If w33d was never criminalized and we used hemp instead of plastic, I wonder what our planet would look like now….

  4. Wow, from bad to bad. The growth of hemp is compared by many scientist as equal to the polluting of the soil with heavy metals. Its is also very water intensive.

  5. This is exciting and interesting (even though I'm allergic to mushrooms)! 😖

    Have no idea about hemp products… But will support such sustainable endeavors!

  6. Support the MORE Act. Call your repsentives and tell them to vote for the MORE Act . The bill will federal legalize marijuana and help everyone out in the cannabis job market.

  7. So what? They want a medal for chasing the money, that being the reason they themselves admittedly made the change, when they’ve been battery farming chickens for years?

    Would we congratulate a drug cartel for swapping poppies out for coffee beans because it happened to be more profitable, or pat Catholic nuns on the back for opening a nursery school because it makes better money than killing babies?

    Positive change for animal welfare yes, but don’t go lauding them.
    Decades ago there was a pig farmer in China that turned his farm into a sanctuary after being educated about cruelty to animals. He knew no better and didn’t change because of a promise of more money, but simply because he was finally aware of the suffering he had been inflicting.

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