How To Make CBD Sweets At Home | Vegan Recipe

In today’s recipe video I show you how to make healthy CBD sweets! Subscribe: | Make sure to enable ALL …


  1. Been on 30mg citalopram for a few years for severe anxiety – planning on slowly tapering off and trying this stuff out. Nervous though as I couldn't function before I got on meds!

  2. What do you feed your cat?
    Personally I find this a difficult matter as I want to feed my pet the diet it's ment to eat but on the other hand I don't want to contribute to animal suffering as that's the reason I became vegan in the first place.
    Any thoughts?

  3. I get the craziest gas when I eat legumes. I try going vegan for like two to three months at a time, but my body never adjusts to the beans, I use enzymes, I cook them. I don't know what to do. Is this normal? Do you get gas? Can you make a video on this?

  4. Hey Hench πŸ‘‹ if this is what I’m thinking, then it’s only fairly recently been legalised here in Australia and is only available through medical practitioners.

    My understanding is that it is used for pain relief, mainly for people with chronic pain or those with terminal illness. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Anyway, is it really so mild? Is it something anyone can benefit from or that we need for good health? I’m sure it does help with relaxation but is it beneficial long term?

  5. I'm not convinced about CBD oil…. I know Aspey, yourself and many others are getting (anecdotal) benefits, but I'm not sure what the long term effects of consuming are on your health and your mind. Are there any long term studies that you are aware of where this has been examined? The logic behind ingesting this product is as flawed as the Carnivore diet if you are just relying on anecdotes which I don't have to explain to you of course.. lol.

  6. I just discovered you and love your work and support you 100%. Watched few videos , thank you for doing what s right and common sense in this crazy world…

  7. Nice video Paul I almost died last year and had to have emergancy surgary and experience pain during certain movements I use cbd alot it helps with the pain thank you so much keep up the great work

  8. Nice video! However, I would like to ask, wouldn’t eating sugar counter-act the effects of the CBD? Sugar in excess (especially processed) tends to make one more anxious.

  9. Whats your view on serotonin ? I've been taking 400mg at night, i'm going through the change," aka menopause", and i find that it helps me sleep much better.

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