How to make medicated Canna-hard candy the right way, the easy way every time

I’ve seen a few takes on how to do a hard candy with tincture, this is how I get it done and how I have a rock hard product in the …


  1. You’re funny. I got very cool silicone molds about 2 years ago just before Easter, so they were 75% off. So who cares if they look like Easter baskets and bunnies. The molds are great and the price was right at a craft store. Thx for ur vids. Waiting for sugar to boil is awful, slow and painful if you get it on the skin. 💚

  2. Love the video.. I used a cookie sheet sprayed really good with Pam. Poured the hot candy onto that shaped it beat I could as it cooled using my Plastic spatula. Used a Pam
    Coates pizza cutter once it got cool enough appx 5-10 min cut it into small squares. The pizza cutter basically scores but doesn’t cut. Once the candy was complete cool. Ya break those lines ya cut into the hard candy. It’s so easy. Using thr Pam sorry meant no powdered sugar needed!!

  3. Could you please tell me what was your additives was it a canna butter oil was it a coconut oil was vegetable glycerin or alcohol Tincher that you use in your recipe? I searched and could not find it. Thanks

  4. If I'm used distillate (already activated) will it actually make a difference if i add it to glycerin first, or is it fine I've just been adding it straight? They def do the job, but if it'll make it stronger I'd like to know. Thanks!

  5. I have some strong canna oil made from kush; would a half cup be too much for this recipe? Have you made tincture using glycerine, and if so, how do you think it compares to the alcohol based one?

  6. AAAA++++ you are the planets best!! I did your recipe and awesome!! You said put enough in to get the effect you need. I did and it works just great for my health concern. Love you!!

  7. RECIPE :
    1 Cup granulated sugar
    1/4 Cup filtered water
    1/2 Cup light corn syrup
    1 full bottle of flavoring oil
    ( or half and half )
    1-2.5 ounces oil
    Keep candy at medium heat
    Boil until 320°
    Cool until 270°

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