1. If u want stronger edibles I suggest making rice krispies but with whatever cereal u want I prefer cinnamon toast krispies I think they can be easier than this method and way stronger

  2. Hello! I've learned a lot so far from you. I appreciate the time you put in these videos ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    Question: What brand of butter do you use? And how the heck did you get your butter that green???!

  3. Listen the deal with the microwave is for health reasons. Itโ€™s basically poison. You just need to look up what the microwave was invented to be used for. Basically a certain country back in the day needed a fast easy poisonous way to feed another population that they rounded up and needed to mass kill and experiment on. In a bit sheโ€™ll it was NEVER meant to be in peoples houses and used regularly. Being that it poisons the food. Itโ€™s easily researched by anyone who spends a minute looking into it. So use it or not up to you. But thatโ€™s the deal with the microwave. Very bad for anyone eating the food coming from it. Your body your choice

  4. Microwave kills your weed, would be Radiated cannabis, What ever you put in microwave still cooks after you take it out, Would you go in a microwave, lol, So why put your weed in, Microwave will also degrade the THC potency, End up with more CBNs more the weed is cooked, Some good vids tho i will say, likes the starburst one you done….

  5. The THC starts degrading at and over 270 degrees F. just like the flower looses its terpin potency over 60 degrees F according to the ASA (patient and Caregiver Cannabis Care program) . The trichome produces the smell and the cannabinoids found in the the plant. Their finding that cannabis should be stored like wine of opitmal freshness and longevity….I still us the microwave lol

  6. I live pretty close to Canada. I live in Niagara Falls ny. Our cereal colors are pretty bright. I do see the cereals with no artificial flavors and colors and I tend to not reach for them lol. I learn a lot about candy watching you lol.

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