I gave her CBD oil for a week, and this is what happened

My daughter took a new CBD oil for a week to see if it would help with her seizures. I was surprised by the results! Join this …


  1. The pictures that come up is why I say just money!..leave her alone!.dad?…stop making her go though pain over thinking her bladder will explode!…and there is no cure for seizures !…period!…have you ever watched the show with Sanjay Gupta from cnn…please do!..

  2. Raelynn is a very special young lady. From experience, CBD oil is hard on Mickey extension tubes, or can clog or it’s hard to flush afterwards.

  3. Comparing the CBD oil options you’ve tried is so interesting to hear about, hope you can keep updating on any effects you might notice. Raelynn was so sweet right before her seizure, like she was talking to you when you said night night – or maybe she sensed a seizure coming. Hope she had sweet dreams and no more seizures the rest of the night 💙🙏

  4. You can get pants that are like normal pants that are highly absorbent and washable. I don't know if that is useful. I can't remember the manufacturer but they may be more comfortable for her. It's just a suggestion hope you aren't offended

  5. I have two questions about Miss Raelynn. You can tell me is personal if you find these too indiscreet.

    1. Is she able to have her teeth brushed at home? Tolerate the tooth brush in her mouth etc?
    2. Is the reason face gets oily a hormone issue or does she just have really soft oily skin everywhere.

    I hope that’s not too indiscreet. I saw the hormone patch she has on and was thinking that’s could definitely play a role in producing face oil. And I think I’m projecting perhaps my own desires that this poor one has her mouth open so much.. is it able to be cleaned and rinsed and teeth brushed. Thanks again for all you do for this lovely young lady! God bless your family!

  6. I love that you love her so much it sometimes makes me cry joyfull tears like today!She can be so cute that it would be dificult not to kiss her! 😭❤

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