Keep off the grass: Can cannabis affect your mental health?

This video provides information about the association between cannabis and mental health. Studies have shown that cannabis …


  1. I have depression and recently I’ve been getting better with it. When I smoked indica dominant weed with very high THC, I could not stop crying and I had the worst anxiety about why things in my life were doing great. And when that wore off, I calmed down while high and just tried to accept what I was feeling and went to sleep. Now that I am awake in the morning, I feel like that was necessary to go through because of a recent breakup I’ve had, and idk if it helps me heal or the opposite affect anymore. I used to love the feeling it gave me but I DONT WANT TO FEEL SAD ANYMORE. I’m a biology student and I want to research more about it and currently I am writing a paper about it so we’ll see what kind of “research” is out there. People with underlying mental health conditions are buying it and they (and myself) need to be careful and educated about what molecules cause what. Like if you have history of depression, you shouldn’t/should smoke this with that molecule. Something like that, which they’re already doing on Leafly. But still.. There needs to be more. And high amounts of THC should be warned before buying.

  2. Since I moved to Canada 2 years ago, I've been smoking pot every day. Sometimes 2, 3 cigarretes per day. I got into a point that I've been having panic attacks and I do believe it's related to pot. As the panic attacks start around 10 to 20min after I finished smoking. This week I had a major attack that I literally thought I would die. totally out of my control. I'm not willing to throw all my pot stuff away.

  3. Been smoking heavily for the past year, been clean for officially two weeks, and my mood is so low and have symptoms of depression and anxiety. I will get over it, its just super hard to deal with it independently

  4. I used to have that anxiety skyrocket thing around when I started to smoke only, honesly I think it's about how u use and who, in my time of smoking green has had the most therapeutic experiences of contimplation, it's slows me down enough I can asses situations without being smacked with emotions, and honesly I've had 2 bad of life ending tendencies and I don't mind being a skidge dependent but at the same time I woulda prob be taking anti depressives otherswise, but I'm positive and it's really productive for thought… Just my opinion, I really think it's different for everyone it's for some and not for others, I'm not promoting or it or anything don't force it, but this was my experience been smoking for around 10 years now

  5. I love weed and smoke daily but i cant deny i feel it is a major contributer to the anxiety i now deal with. Time to kick the habit soon 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. I stay well away from cannabis, I’ve tried it a few times and every time I get extreme anxiety and paranoia. I have social anxiety anyway and it’s very much increased once I’ve taken cannabis, I smoked and done edibles and it’s the same result. Definitely stay away from cannabis if you have anxiety of any kind, it’s not talked about very much since the cannabis defending police soon criticize any negative connotations towards cannabis.

  7. Back then I was a heavy smoker,I won't get normal until I get a puff or two, but once I went through something bad and hooked up with friends then smoked, that's when it all started, I started worrying bout wtf am I doing, you are in a really bad situation, are you crazy, man it was really bad experience and whenever I try to smoke I get that same anxiety my brain asks me what am I doing in life, and all those bad flashbacks I had I literally feel like I was going crazy. After that I quit smoking it's been 3 years now and I'm very happy I did that.

  8. It's just not grown the same within the last 5 to 10 years it doesn't feel the same when I smoke it. I even buy low THC strains and it makes me have anxiety and depression still, it's no longer relaxing. I love the smell of herb, but I'm over it after 20 years of smoking I'm totally done buying it.

  9. This will be coming from someone who voluntarily entered rehab from cannabis abuse. This video is ridiculous! You can abuse anything in life, and smoking weed ALL DAY EVERYDAY will make you addicted, and give you lots of anxiety, But I mean this whole video is off. That bitch dont know what shes talkin about..

  10. I remember my bad highs got bad after this one time my brother was talking to me about a teacher who said I don’t try in school and I’m failing and was basically slandering me then next morning I was very out of it and was unhappy and was thinking about suicide I decided to do the right thing went to a counselor and broke down mentally I was telling her of how I feel they were talking to me about seeing a ward but I didn’t and would start smoking a lot with my friends while in the car that summer it got very bad and I got extremely high and got extremely sad to where it caused physical pain and I was twitching making noises and crying I don’t smoke weed unless on occasions and do a bit of shrooms but my health is better and I’m doing good in school

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