Marijuana and CBD Benefit or Harm for Anxiety Webinar

Many people are using marijuana (THC) or CBD (which is derived from cannabis or hemp) to help with their anxiety symptoms.


  1. Take a look at the dpdr and derealization subs on Reddit. There are hundreds if not thousands of accounts of people stating that their nightmare with these disorders started when smoking weed. I am not anti-cannabis by any stretch, but I feel like the negative psychological impacts of weed often isn’t discussed enough. For may people, weed is an incredibly positive, life-changing substance. But for many others, it can lead straight to psychological hell.

  2. I only vape my hybrid cannabis it has helped me so much and iv only started vaping it for a week CBD THC. You need the cbd to balance out thc. So mine is 10thc with 10Cbd. With excercise aswell

  3. Around 8 minutes in they are saying that "you never know" the dosage of CBD products and can be confident that they are free from THC. Plenty of companies do batch testing of their products and provide a QR code with the product so that you can see the lab tests for cannabinoids and adulterants for the batch you buy. Buying CBD at the gas station, or many brick and mortar stores for that matter, you are less likely to have lab testing available.

  4. I belive that everyone has their own symptoms due to their body makeup. It's good for some but not for all. More studies need to be taken. CBD is not for everyone.

  5. I suffered from post concussion syndrome that caused anxiety and was improving very slowly for almost a year. I would sometimes have anxiety attacks when I used cannabis and it always seemed to stress me out initially but it was hard to quit. I finally did and my symptoms improved quite quickly, so it's not always the wonder drug everyone thinks it is… it also slows down your cognitive abilities.

  6. real solution to anxiety is exercise till itpains and sweat …and good diet including chicken or for that matter protein intake in proper levels and enough water.

  7. Since there is limited evidence that speaks to cannabis being an evidence-based treatment for anxiety, had there been scientific/ neurological reasons found why cannabis helps with anxiety symptoms? Or is it considered a placebo? Thanks!

  8. I’ve been smoking cannabis for 20 years, I gave up 1 year ago. I have a anxiety panic disorder. I recently tried 10mg CBD capsules. I only took it twice, both times the CBD gave me extreme anxiety and hot flushes for around 3hrs. I seem to be the only person I can find you gets more anxiety from cbd.

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