Medical Marijuana 2×4 Scrog Grow tent – Harvest & Strain Review

This is the fruits of the harvest ! Tahoe OG from Cali Connection Seeds Woody’s GDP from Loud Seeds Jack the Ripper from TGA …


  1. Thanks I 2qs 5rying to figure out what I 2qs going to do with 5he se 6 double dreams I have…scrog is the answer. …only pronlem is to keeping the growing down once flip

  2. what kind of tent would you recommend that isn't very expensive but you've used or heard that are durable I can get off Amazon or eBay, and what kind of setup do you use like ballast and bulb and would recommend that is durable , any help to indoor beginners would be much help man, thanks and peace growin, nice nugs lovely smoke, wish I could get something started soon on a slim budget right now so could use some advice, thanks and take it easy

  3. Quality looking medicine, excellent job! So I assume you used a 600W HPS? Given the dimensions of your tent I can't imagine you using more than a 600W HID, unless you had a VERY good ventilation setup & AC that is. I'm currently doing a grow in a DIY box of the same dimensions, using a 600W Hortilux Super HPS plus 2 x 3FT T5's with Hortilux PowerVeg UV bulbs. These new PowerVeg UV bulbs seriously overdrive the resin/trich production, NO JOKE! Glistening frostiness EVERYWHERE! For anyone growing medical cannabis I highly, HIGHLY recommend you supplement with the Hortilux PowerVeg T5's. I'm using two of them on either side of my 6" air cooled hood/600W HPS & they are making a NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE!

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