1. Next time to get back to Constitution and freedom of religion Gen1:29 And God said behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the Earth and every tree please finish reading freely coca tea and all natural opium instead of synthetic fentanyl killing people in pain remember don't be a drunkered moderation take money out and grow your own flowers herbs roots and spices and leaves and so on but prison and healthcare would loose profit and cartel but at least people with cancer wouldn't have to die in pain because of pill Mills ask your self during the constitutional days mother's gave opium to their babies now a grain of sand will kill like who wants what big pharma cuts into 3 different meds removing counter active agents God put in you can't get all natural from health care same as movie FED-UP soda wasn't addictive enough so they took the cocaine and added sugar making it more addictive and people are crying wishing there was a PILL to take for obesity probably coca tea not saying just saying how did what God said became a controlled substance? Money ? My mom died from cancer when I was 13 it was a horror to watch and she didn't want the stigma placed upon pain pills and what God gave would put her in prison a flower in the herb family

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