1. How do these people have 0 clue about the law, when it's their job to uphold it. We here all know that this has been about for a few years and it's not even our career. Them claiming to be patronised is a joke as well, maybe if they knew what they were talking about they wouldn't need to be told, and informing them of their mistake isn't being patronising.

  2. You're clearly far more educated than these so called officers of the law…quite frankly it's shocking. on another note – I've just ordered my first prescription – can't wait!

  3. Theft of medicines is an extremely serious offence. You had every right to take back your medicine and to throw them out of the property using any force deemed reasonably necessary by law. They're meant to be upholding the law, not break it so you have every right to defend yourself and your property.

  4. This is shocking, but I can't help smiling, Ryan, at your admirable patience in trying to explain the 2018 law on medical cannabis to these law enforcers, who are having so much trouble accepting that the half-century old Misuse of Drugs Act is not chiselled in stone – so much so, that they feel compelled to seize your legal medicine rather than accept that the law has changed. It's absurd and outrageous. Your forbearance, as they violate your rights, is impressive.

  5. Thank you for sharing the experience! Very interesting 🤔 I’m new to the legal flower world. Blown away by it . Similar to yourself. Medication for years . Complete lightbulb moment when I discovered what is actually available 😳

  6. If having a Cancard is required and or preferred, as I have and believe the female officer mentions, why are these not given out by the dispensers? Congrats for attempting to show the current issues, awareness and knowledge of the police. My only issue being, I really don't think the "Pot Head" bong helps the argument, especially for the uneducated and unknowing. Be interested in updates from both parties, the Dr and Police.

  7. Should have asked them what their objective is. Is it to make an arrest for possession of Cannabis or to clarify if you have a legal prescription?

    I wouldn't have bothered trying to teach them their job. That's not on you to do. It seemed their attitude was that you were a criminal drug addict and they have targets to hit, and you are slowing them down from meeting their quota.

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