Seed To Harvest Over 1/2lb Auto! Manderine Autoflower 27.5%THC w/ Floraflex!

Highigan! Our first Seed to Harvest video! We take you from seed to weed with Manderine Autoflower from Homegrown Cannabis …


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  2. I am curious to wether or not there is a potency difference between tops and lower nugs. I've herd mixed things…like the bottoms test higher bc they are first to get nutes. Would love some hard evidence!

  3. I am really mad that I didn't get to go to Cannafest in Chicago!!!! I really wanted to meet you guys as I love all you guys do! I am on the same track as you guys, I close on a condo in May! I am feeling very blessed at the moment and I know in time that I will be able to attend another event for 420 or 710! ❤ the fam and will remain a member for ever….. Hope you guys are having as much fun as I looking for a forever home!!!!! Keeping positive 🙏

  4. Just started a 2×4 a month ago with random old seeds playing around then I got some real genetics and felt basically the same about the old ones gotta go! In just the first week they look so much better I bought a 4×4 and the ac infinity cloudline I tried highigan in the box and got 24 bucks off I didn’t have enough at first so thanks for helping out bunch literally

  5. GREAT Job Neil as the producer and Heaven as the video talent. I went to college for video production/editing I know what it takes to be a step above the rest. Both Thumbs Up!💯

  6. I’m about to buy my first tent and would love to have a day by day and step by step guide to growing. Would be great If you could give a heads up on the strain and the company you got the seed from so I could follow along.

  7. I like how you got rid of that b!7ch by running over her with the snow plow!!! Sometimes plants just don’t live up and for whatever reason you gotta do what you gotta do…. I’m jus sayin… 🤷‍♂️

  8. Would a YouTube channel that asks viewers to vote for each piece of equipment in the grow room be ok? Was thinking about asking the whole world what I should use and then publishing a poll. Then, based on the results of that poll buy everything recommended and start a new grow… just an idea 💡 was thinking about having the grow room recorded and be set up by hooters girls in green bikinis 👙… idk… would it work?!?

  9. The 4 Basic steps that matter for a success grow….
    1. Amazing Genetics/ Strain, Do some homework. Don’t buy cheap Seeds!
    2. Medium/soil/coco/Hydro ….. Very important choice and a lot to choose from…. Do some homework….. I prefer RDWC Hydro for the biggest and fattest Colas you’ve ever seen….
    3. Nutrients GENERAL HYDROPONICS is the absolute cheapest way to go and it produces very hard! There are nutrient videos on here comparing and GH always pulls Veg state way better for roots and flower… I’ve been using them for 25 years no and am turning 41 yes I started growing Hydro at the age of 16 and smoked flower at the age of 11.5 lol my parents were hippies and flower power people lol! Ask them lol my flower is amazing lol.
    4. Lighting ….. my go to lights are my CMH 630w double ended and I run 9 in a 10×12 full air tight bedroom and I also blast Co2 for a 40% boost of density and stretch of colas. The lights do run hot but I did install a Mr. Cool Mini Split AC and I keep my room at 75 degrees at all times until the last weeks of flower I drop it to 65-68 to turn my colas purple for bag appeal lol

    Happy Growing Everybody!
    – Dr KronKron

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