State legislators continue efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in Pa.

Currently, 18 U.S. states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana; now, state legislators hope to add Pennsylvania to that …


  1. ohh you can have a weed card but you gotta tell us you have some medical problem, you gotta ask us the controllers of all life if you can do it I wanna grow my own weed plant without having to ask or pay you piece of shits so I can pick my own bud without having to pay for it or line the pockets of corrupt organizations that steal taxes from people and leave the streets with pot holes and leave all the housing high cost that got people living in houses that are 100 years old with pipes that have 100 years old disgusting bacteria and rust built up for 100 years the racists and European helpers that ruined this country are war criminals their corporations are operating using War Criminal tactics and breaking every rule in the book of the war crimes act keeping people in a financial hole is a war crime too

  2. Pa is a shit hole lost in time with a bunch of racists controlling it to be poor on purpose, 2 of the biggest corrupt corporations that control most of the companies in America and all the internet that is censoring peoples free speech is located right in PA, Vanguard and Black Rock bunch of racists and psychopaths using corporations to manipulate and cotrol this country and keep it a shit hole so they can play leader

  3. I would rather smoke than drink alcohol at least it don't make me throw up.and the buzz doesn't last as long as being drunk and I don't wake up all hung over and sick the next morning.legalize it already our state is missing out on alot of money just think of all the stuff that can be done with that money for our state.

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