Study: Edible symptoms more serious than smoking

A new study shows the symptoms of consuming edibles are more severe than those tied to smoking marijuana.


  1. Oh god shut up. Edibles are wonderful and help me sleep like a baby. I also love it when I can choose to be high for 8 hours like I will be tonight. Stories like this are dumb.

  2. I messed up my ingesting too much. Threw up and felt horrible all night and still feel bad the day after. It’s not that marijuana is bad, you just have to get to know your limit

  3. Most important part when the doc says "Start low and go slow".
    Edibles lead to strong psychosis in large quantities. But it's actually the panic response of body which worsens it. If you ever find yourself in this situation, no matter how difficult it is, find a comfortable place, lie down, take deep breathes and try to go to sleep. You'll be good as new tomorrow.

  4. Thank you KOAA for just releasing your facts and for not making this story policial or slanting in a particular direction. (I live on the east coast 15 yrs yet I’m from the west coast but I like that ya’ll are looking out for your residents and actually trying to help them

  5. Wow, a 'study' lol simple rule is don't mess with God's nature like naive children to make a profit, then moan u have tummy ache 🙂 Not all smoke is bad,
    white sage is antibacterial, all been burning for 1000's years around us, especially in Church, I am not religious but deadly sins like greed seem to put bad energy into things people consume, it being smoked has evolved with the plant and us in a symbiotic relationship, our Endocannabinoid system.

  6. I ate an edible on August 16 2021 and as of today I am still feeling physical symptoms, mainly panic attacks, ectopic heartbeat, fluttering in my chest, dizziness, and this weird out of body feeling I feel while sleeping kind of hard to explain tho… I must say it’s better than what it was but months later I’m still feeling it

  7. I remember one time I took a edible a hour before me and my girlfriend went out to eat. We went to this Indian restaurant in NYC and I was high but not crazy high, anyway I was eating spicy food and then I ran straight to the bathroom to throw up smh horrible experience

  8. I’m ngl I def had moments where I had one edible & my heart was beating fast af 😅 I was sitting in my room like “well this is it… this is how it ends” 😂😂😂

  9. I ate just one Hometown hero brand gummy and it was the worst thing I've done in my entire life
    I had a severe psychotic break.  Hallucinations, illusions, psychoses, escrizophenia.  My heart was beating out of control and I almost had a heart attack.  I was totally disconnected from reality and even wanted to commit suicide.  I couldn't reason.  Fortunately I managed to remember that I had eaten this gummy minutes before and managed to let my husband know.  I spent the entire day having breaks from flare-ups that only stopped at the end of the day.  The next day I had several episodes of panic attacks and now I'm afraid that this drug will leave any sequel on my mind.  I want to share my bad experience and I think the effects of THC should be explained more on the packaging.  I practically almost died.  This all happened on January 19th and today January 24th, 5 days later I still feel the effects of this drug in my body and I don't know what to do.  I ate just one gummy and it was my first time with that. This almost take my life.  
    I'm going to see a doctor this week to see if this drug has done any harm to my heart or mind.  I am really very worried.

    Please! stay away from edible THC

  10. Because people are stupid and don't know when enough is enough. Same as harder alcohol and coca leaves turned into crack.

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