Today's Cannabis News And Federal Marijuana Legalization Update

Schumer’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Not Coming This Month, As Senators Work To Finalize Provisions …


  1. Back to field testing sobriety. If you can stand on one foot and touch your nose with your eyes closed, with no doctor noted physical disabilities as an excuse, you are good enough to drive. Cannabis intoxication depends heavily on tolerance. I have huge amounts in my blood and I know I am safe to drive, although if I do drive I do not partake that morning – I would only drive on a fresh dose of marijuana if it was an emergency, and there are ambulances and police for emergencies.

  2. omg, just legalize it. I keep bringing up liquor, even worse than weed. So many people, senators, need to wake up. It's no gateway drug and you want people to keep buying off street when that can be laced with fentanyl. How about all the kids who sneak liquor out of their parents cabinets, or just get booze from someone of age. Then you have senators talk about driving while on weed, how about tons of people, including adults driving drunk and killing people. This is a joke, when weed (medical) can help many people. Wake up senators

  3. Great news and information JAROD 👍
    well let's see what's happens , hopefully congress is not giving us the runaround again !!!!

  4. More foot dragging delays it's all a farce they ain't giving up that cash cow they r making alot more throwing people in there prison system ect if ur waiting on them to use marijuana legal federally u'll b dead in ur grave first all along the drunk is still driving up the interstate the wrong way at least one or two a month around Cleveland Ohio yet dewine keeps fighting recreational marijuana .

  5. The other question I have is what about the truck drivers that can't smoke marijuana when they're off Duty I know they have a DOT license but still A police officer is on the federal level 2 technical !

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