Wake & Bake America 706 1:1 CBD To THC, Cannabis For Seizures, & Rosin Presses



  1. I'm also an amputee and I've used cannabis as my pain med for about 3 years. It has helped my phantom pain in my limb where nothing else did.

  2. Hold on so guru gets a new computer from the community support but doesn’t want to help you keep the video show? Seems like he’s a little stuck up to me. It’s easy to find someone else to do the editing. Cmon guru you’ve been doing this for years but now you can’t? What happend? Did you become more valuable overnight or something?

  3. Yes Guru on Twitch would be dope, really like the idea of him doing live Q & A's ! They have a setup where if you have a Amazon prime membership you can subscribe $5 a month to one person for free. Also you have the option of putting DGC merch up.

  4. JR Token had some great info. Seen him around back in the earlier episodes of Growtube Roundtable. Thanks guys for bringing more Cannabis as medicine info to the show. Anyone tried Pennywise for fibro or crohns?

  5. Cannabis saved my life and is most definitely Medicine. I absolutely love the stories that I hear about how cannabis has helped out people's lives. I'm in the process of creating my own CBD THC cross. I can't wait! I see the real benefits everyday

  6. You Tube University..thank you to people like you and contributing DGC..The hardest thing is knowing the right questions to ask to keep furthuring your learning. But keep asking questions!

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