What's next for Texas, as neighboring New Mexico legalizes recreational marijuana

The U.S. House passed a bill Friday that would decriminalize marijuana nationwide, the patchwork of legalization efforts in …


  1. I hope they do this is when I'm long enough nobody's ever got high off marijuana and went out there and did anything stupid or killed anyone… Get it over with for for heaven's sake it's long overdue..

  2. I live in Texas and absolutely hate it. I went to Colorado this past December, and everyone one in the store were from Texas lol. Legalize marjiuana and legalize gambling. Open casinos! Texas is losing so much money to other states.

  3. not throwing shade but muhahahaha Texas. We are NM! Just joking. Hope you guys get legalization at some point in the next 20 years😀😀I am also a conservative but time Texas show some restraint on its cannabis laws. It will actually bring you closer to God if moderately used.

  4. The funny (strange, not 'ha ha') thing is that during the last mid-term elections, Texas Republicans made marijuana decriminalization a part of their party platform. So, the Texas Democratic party changed their platform from decriminalization to Legalization! 8^). —- Yet. here we still are. — Hmmmmmmmm?

  5. In Colorado we were flooded with all kind of people since 2014. Most of them are criminals, shady people and runaway teenagers from the Midwest. Natives were pushed out of the state and the last normal year was 2013. They always said the apocalypse will hit in 2012 but in Colorado it hit in January 2014.

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