What's the Best Cannabis Smoke You've Ever Had?

Hey cannabis experts, we’re doing a survey and we need your help! and if enough of you take part, this could be the biggest …


  1. Sweet tea strain by the cookies brand is something that will always have great flavor and a good mood feeling been consistent with it for years now

  2. Sour Strawberry,. even though it wasn't the highest thc strain ever. around 19-21 , it smelled half sour and half strawberry, and wou7ld change with each sniff, the buds were all 5 sided, red hairs, and looked like little marijuana strawberries !! Smell and flavor were same, so incrediable, so strong, the whole house would reek for hours just opening a 7 gram jar for 30 seconds ! The high was also an amazing mix. The jar it was in has been empty for 2 years and I can still smell it when I open it. WTF

  3. Strawberry-Lemonade! Sweet sugary smelling during finish and The Taste was sweet with a little twangy taste on the backend! It is a active high that pleasures the body when your in pain, itโ€™s like the WD-40 of weed! And the head is really nice! A very medicating strain that is roughly 60/40 Sativa ! I recommend for anyone with chronic pain!

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