£1200 Giveaway Infused Amphora CBD Part 2

Infused Amphora has caught the attention of the press. The Amphora Brand is being recognized globally, as well as featured in …


  1. I would like to give CBD a try!!! Thank you so much for this video and I look forward to more of this informative content!! I am very health conscious and was always worried about the harmful effects of the chemicals in vape liquid so this is definitely something I would love to try as I have been using CBD to help with my health but as you mentioned, edibles can take a while to work. I am also studying herbalism and plant medicine so the botanical side of these products is really attractive to me!

  2. I would like to try the CBD for anxiety also. Just bought the hysenburg and goblins juice from E Cig City so i'm hoping they are good! I've wanted to try goblins juice for ages!

  3. I would like to try CBD! I really wanted to try it.. but in my coutry is kinda expensive.. so this is my chance to win and try it ^_^. Another good quality review! Thank you!

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