A Moving Day in the Life

Monday was a busy day full of errands, friends, working, and moving. If you like our video, please give it a and let us know in …


  1. I’m new to the page. Idk why but I thought they were divorced & lived apart. Now moving back. Can someone explain to me what’s going on. I saw Jess say moving in another 2 years…do y’all move every 2 years? I enjoys y’all’s content

  2. Moving is one of the worst jobs!!!! Hannah I know you are loving your “view” without glasses. My hubby had really bad eyesight like you. The first morning after he woke me up by saying “I can read the alarm clock”!!! Keep on looking at your new world!

  3. Hi doesn't come you don't have to be afraid by moving to a new location or to a new house you're gonna be fine just bring all your music that's brain all your Disney dolls does bring your cords and have a great time with your family they love you the most important thing they do do some jokes and have a great time peace and love and happiness from your dolls collection Anna forever

  4. What a busy day! Is Hannah vlogging full time now instead of working at the school? I can see that it’s a full time job, filming and editing. Good luck with the move!

  5. I don’t know how you are managing vlogging, Crispy ‘meetings’, lunch dates with #goodones, packing, moving, and adjusting to changes…mad respect to you all ✊ and 💜

  6. Miscommunication— my bad 😂😂 I definitely did confuse myself. But alas had a great time!! Definitely can’t wait for next time!! ❤️❤️

  7. When marlow and jess went to see mama jo and they had cheese curds i thought marlow was rude to jess marlow kept ignoring her i was afraid she was hurting jess feelings i hope she didn't mean it.

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