Alcohol Withdrawal

An overview of the classification and treatment of alcohol withdrawal, including discussion of withdrawal seizures, delirium …


  1. These withdrawal stretches are unbearable. You're incapable of doing the most basic tasks and the physical and mental pain is extreme. Never had straight up hallucinations but the extreme anxiety is up there, my brain cherry picks all the worst/most negative moments in my life and plays it over and over. Never tried to take my life (nor do I have any plans of that) but in these withdrawal stretches, my mind certainly works overtime trying to convince me that not only should I do that, but that I deserve it. I told myself to stop drinking entirely after I went to a rehab for 35 days but it keeps pulling you back and once the withdrawal symptoms kick in it's basically impossible to stop unless you get some sort of medical help.

  2. Ive been drinking 12 drinks a day for 4 months and already feeling it.i cant get treatment, i have responcibilities, and i am being tortured by a woman ive been taking care of

  3. I’m a 28 yr old male drinking started around 19 my mom tells me to quit drinking Jack & smoking weed. I stopped drinking it’s been a week. But prior to quitting I still feel it a little but my heart or chest would feel funny no pain just odd feeling I always thought I just smoked too much. I use Nicotine rolling papers. i’m currently tackling one thing at a time. Usually I drink for a couple of months & then I’ll go a couple of months cold turkey. Although I don’t really consider myself an alcoholic I just have bad binging moments that includes food, sugar I used to weigh almost 300 pounds in high school. I stopped eating red meat & worked out My weight would then fluctuate from around 200 to 185. So I went vegan Years later for around 7 months to get to my goal weight 155. But due to stress binge eating & drinking for months my weight climbed to 190. I quit drinking & went vegan again & now I lost a lot of weight I haven’t weighed myself myself but can see a great visible difference. Drinking had kept me in that negative binge eating cycle. I spent thousands on DoorDash 😅 ikr picture that 😮I cook my own vegan keto food now. I plan on doing this vegan no sugar detox no drinking For as close to 3 months as possible. & if I do decide to drink again It’s only going to be a twice a month thing maybe 3 lol. I will never drink Monday through Friday for months on end again. I hope this helps ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED ❤ healing to everyone! I believe anything including this can be overcome with the power of Jesus Christ & God because it may be a spiritual battle as well. I read quite a few stories Of people hallucinating & seeing demons because of alcohol withdrawal..I never knew it was that deep again peace love & healing for everyone in Jesus name.

  4. Alcohol withdrawal doesn't even compare with benzos withdrawal , last year i was going trough valium withdrawal and it was the worst expierence in my life

  5. I’m going through this now at 3:12 am I am experiencing shakiness and high blood pressure, I know I can beat this , I will prevail, alcoholism is real and I’m fighting it cold Turkey. I was wondering why I kept getting chest pain and headaches, a lot had to do with my liver too. My liver is my baby I will play my part in taking control of my body. Fuck this sucks, and I don’t mean “oh I want a beer so bad” no to me this is about I want my life back and to be healthy .

  6. I had DT and yes it was really fun.. I quit cold turkey and the ork orks started quick. The sweats and hallucinations were the worst, at one point I was driving a car with the devil on the "long road to ruin" in the ensuing fever dream. It ended with me kicking him out of the car and me driving toward the exit, I woke up so soaked I may as well have been in a pool. After kicking the juice I never looked back.

  7. i wouldnt wish DT amongst my worst enemy. as you sober up for the next few days it just feels worse and worse. im on my 3rd day of DT rn. alcohol is no joke. on the alcohol test i scored 7/10.

  8. I’ve been drinking for a week straight
    I stopped at 6 am
    It’s 4 pm , my stomach hurts
    I can’t sleep,,I hate this, my girlfriend is helping me , how many more hours til my stomach gers better , I drank mainly beer
    About a case of beer a day maybe more for a week straight, I can’t go to a dr cause my mom is in the hospital, only drug I hav is gabenpentum , is that gonna help me ?

  9. If you're battling with addiction and/or withdrawals, and you feel hopeless, maybe feel like giving in? I want you to try one thing that HELPED me suffer through 3 nicotine and weed withdrawals, I'm aware nicotine isn't on the same level as alcohol but dear God the sheer panic, terror, desperation had me considering suicide. I can only imagine what alcohol will do.

    Please, ask God for help, talk to Him. He's close.

  10. 28 year old male, drank half a fifth of makers mark everyday after work and would wake up and take a shot or two before work and on the weekends it was drink all day till I passed out and then wake up and drink till I passed out again. I would be stopping at the liquor store just about everyday. I recently was diagnosed jaundice so I’ve quit cold Turkey. Day 1 was not as bad as I thought it would be Day 2 I lost my appetite and began feeling nauseous all the time, Day 3 I felt fine for the most part but my anxiety has been through the roof to the point I think I have medical conditions I don’t have. On the upside my skin has started to clear up and no longer gets red spots on it after a shower, sleep is still hard to get. Today is Day 4 and I feel like I’ve gotten hit by a Mac truck, I throw up anything I consume I feel dizzy and I woke in the middle of the night covered in sweat. So far Day 4 has been the worst but it can only get better from here right? I wish you all luck on your journey through this hell on earth

  11. They gave me halodol my first time having withdrawal when I was 22 my detox was pure hell I couldn't understand what was happening I suddenly had extreme anxiety come over me causing me to snap into a psychotic state I didn't tell anyone for at least 2 weeks it' just drove me nuts I was hallucinating and had a small seizure while at work when I looked up at the sun I didn't fall but my neck snapped my head away from the sunlight my neck cracked and I blacked out for a split second. finally I told my parents all i did was hide in my room at their house I wouldn't talk finally they took me to psych ward and the doc said I may be schizophrenic but wanted to keep me to observe and find out for sure big mistake putting me in there they gave me halodol and it made me worse that shit is terrible my psychosis increased but I would still not talk I thought I was Satan and the TV was talking about me and every nurse in the ward were trying to kill me with poison , at night I came to a delusion in my ròm that I was in a morgue but not dead and that the morgue staff couldn't understand why I wasn't just lifeless and still awake when they would come by at night and shine the flashlight at me in my room , my body ached and my growing felt like it was in severe pain , I was in lunch room one day and sitting in front of my food and heard laughter from others every were I thought they were laughing at me cause I was Satan and was a pathetic being I tensed up so bad my back began to hunch over and I clenched my fist so hard the nurses noticed and helped me to my room and said I think your having a reaction to the halodol so they rolled me over and shot me with Valium I passed out for abit but was still messed up when I got up I wouldn't talk I figured it's no use I'm dead already and the government was searching for me , one night there was a thunderstorm and everyone was watching out the big windows to the outer patio , I said to the nurse open the door I have to go out to be struck, by lightening to be sacrificed so the storm would stop and God would be satisfied. The second time this happened to me was when I was 40 but this time I didn't believe then dilusions I just felt the hellish shit all over again I got better within 8 weeks both times , this was severe alcohol withdrawal both times I believe mixed with the trauma of the crazy church I was brought up in .

  12. I quit December 29th 2021 not even a month sober yet but im going thru hellish withdrawals. Hallucinations, anxiety like no other, difficulty sleeping at a reasonable time. Almost like psychosis. I never want to drink again . I have zero desire to do so rn. Wish me luck in this journey. I have a very supportive woman on my side, and brother. I am also 2 days into quitting nicotine. And the cravings are hard to overcome. But doable. So I'm staying strong. Im glad to see I. Not the only one who has intense symptoms. I thought I was going crazy.. but im holding on strong. And I wish everyone else a safe recovery as well

  13. Been drinking everyday the last 4 months and this is my second day getting sober. I usually drink half a bottle of whiskey every night. Day 2 and I’m shaking, hallucinating, and having chest pains. Should I go to the hospital or no? I’m having the word anxiety and don’t want to have a seizure.

  14. My wife was diagnosed with stage 3 liver failure and she started having seizures with her DT's when she cold Turkey-ed her drinking. They put her on 30 MG Valium per-day and she's fine now. The transplant committee says they are OK with Valium but if she takes ONE DRINK she will NEVER get a liver! ASK YOUR DR. FOR VALIUM (30mg PD) if your having uncontrollable withdrawals!

  15. Pretty sure I'm going through alcohol withdrawal but actually Im relieved to know it has a much shorter withdrawal than other drugs. I went through opiate withdrawal in the past and that lasted for months

  16. I want to quit drinking so bad. I know if I detox I'll never touch it again. I've been drinking a fifth or more everyday for the past few months. I fell into a depressive state after losing my job and I just hope the hospital will take me and treat me without me having insurance

  17. I’m currently going through this rn and I’m shaking and it’s horrible , does anyone have any advice whatsoever if we’re detoxing alone ? i DONT have the money to go to a center & still go to work while im withdrawing , bc it’s not physically demanding , but this is complete hell , i feel so hot & cold , super nauseous , light headed , shaky , & my hands & feet are numb , i keep getting so scared that i will have a seizure or start hallucinating, any advice ?

  18. My worst issue is the anxiety and I'm not an anxious person normally. I always tell people it feels like I have a bundle of bottle rockets up my ass and I'm 50/50 on if the fuse has been lit or not

  19. Just wanna share my story. Wife left because I was an alcoholic, I started using cocaine and drinking heavily every single day. One day I woke up and my entire left side of my body was hot and numb and i was so sick I couldnt even walk. The panic attacks have put me in the hospital 3 times in a week. I lost my job, house car and family. Im only 29 and would never wish this on anyone. Im on day 3 of sobriety and this is absolute hell.

  20. Hi im currently 2 hours away from being sober for 24hrs. I been drinking for about 7 years heavily.. I been to the ER twice. I took the courage to stop today. I'm currently shaking, and feel really depressed. I'm currently blaming my self for a lot of things I did wrong. My anxiety isn't to bad right now. I'm scared for tomorrow. I do have CHLORDIAZEPOXIDE that I have prescribed, I don't feel the need to take them right now. Wish me luck..

  21. i had the worst time of my life coming down from a alcohol bender, i couldn’t stop shaking, cold sweats, nausea, i would try to take a bite of food but would end up puking it all up until the only thing that came out was bile and some water i managed to sip on and i ended up not sleeping for a week, i also noticed i was starting to hallucinate a bit. i think the shakes was the worst part but idk. and i still returned to alcohol after that ):

  22. I seriously suggest to those who have tried everything else – marijuana. I tried voluntary full time rehab twice, AA, prescriptions, nothing.

    For me quitting was not the issue, it was the withdrawal. Marijuana helped me immensely.

  23. I've been to the ER prob about 10-12 time just for withdrawals. I had acute pancreatitis twice, and had hypokalemia at a level of 2.7, and 2.5 is risk of heart failure. I was a social drinker, and out of nowhere, it got out of control…

  24. Wow. I told my doctor I was quitting alcohol, and she didn’t prepare me for any of this. lol. After the first few days of abstinence, I fell into a deep depression. My GP had prescribed me fluoxetine, but even if I had taken it, there’s next to no chance it would have had a benefit. And given all that the patient usually experiences a number of undesirable side effects long before any kind of therapeutic effect starts to manifest, taking the fluoxetine could have had.a tragic outcome. For some strange reason, while the depression was really bad, I downed a 125 mg capsule of magnesium citrate and a mega dose of B complex. Within an hour I started feeling better. I truly wasn’t expecting to have to have gone through such a low period. I’m 14 days in. I guess I’ve seen the worst of it.

  25. I get anxiety when the alcohol works off on me but at the same time I also smoke weed and I eat a ketogenic diet so I'm thinking the weed gives me anxiety when I go through alcohol withdrawals because even if I don't have alcohol in my system, weed gives me anxiety no matter what so I'm thinking it's the weed

  26. finding it very hard guys! cocaine and alcohol abuse owing people Cash, I Pray we all make it through this phase in our lives

  27. One time after a bender in Vegas I got home and didn't drink at all, and went through about 2 weeks of hell. I could barely get in any sleep because the anxiety was so high, when I did get some sleep I had super vivid nightmares and would scream myself awake, I couldn't keep any food down, my heart/chest felt full of pressure.
    I had only drank alcohol and energy drinks the whole time there so I was coming down from all that caffeine too which made things worse. I was only 21 at the time.
    I don't drink every day, but go out with friends every fri/sat and often times day drink on Sundays and also sometimes go out during the week.
    This past weekend was 4th of July and there was a lot of drinking for 3 days in a row. Last night I got zero sleep and was sweating uncontrollably and had some anxiety. I was finally able to take a nap after being awake for 24 hours and it was constantly interrupted by waking up every 15 minutes or so.
    I don't need alcohol every day or anything, but when I go on these multiple day drinking sessions, I feel like the withdraw symptoms are pretty awful and I have the strangest and sometimes freaky dreams.
    Having drinks such a big part of my social/family circle. But I think when I drink I just need to limit myself to a drink or two and can be Social without going through all these negative withdraw symptoms.
    Anyways, that is going to be my plan going forward.

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