Black Pepper Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Black pepper is one of the most widely used spices on the planet. It’s valued not only as a flavoring agent in our meals, but also for …


  1. I don't have black pepper EO in my kit yet, but I do have pink pepper EO. Will the pink have similar effects as the black, and will it help absorb the turmeric or do I specifically need black pepper EO for that? Thanks

  2. I went to Sprouts and Whole Foods today, and they had the essential oil, but they said theirs was for diffusers, and topical application only. Can you tell me where to get the consumable form? I'd like to add a few drops to me daily black seed, and oregano oil teaspoons.

  3. Could you please comment on how black pepper influencer testosterone and DHT levels? There are different sources and resources saying opposite things: some say it boosts testosterone, some say it inhibits it. This is a very relevant topic. Please make a video about it!

  4. Great video, but how many drops per ounces or cup should I drink? 1:1 ratio for topical use seems to me a bit too strong too. BTW… Tumeric with good ole' cow's milk and honey go very well too. Carnivorous people NEVER discriminate against vegetarians. Not sure why vegetarians keep acting as God's gift on earth. Thanks

  5. I LOVE black pepper! I take lots of supplements, and it does help augment the absorption of many of them, especially turmeric/curcumin as you say. I am 62, and my inflammation issues have become nonexistent since I changed my diet, quit alcohol, and begun supplementation.
    Thank you!

  6. I went to a Fridays Restaurant and they placed me and my whole family under the A/C vent well I started too complain but everyone else was fine so they said stop complaining, I didn't know what else to do except eat the Black pepper and it warmed me right up and I was able too enjoy the rest of the evening.

  7. Excellent video. Thank you. Now…where can I find black pepper essential oil? I already take it with my turmeric for better absorption. I like the idea of adding it to my coffee, but I'm not sure where to get the oil. Any recommendations? Thank you.

  8. My tea went from black tea plus milk, to green tea, half a teaspoon of ascorbic acid, one sugar, plus turmeric, ginger and black pepper. I love it.

  9. And, here we go again!
    1 to 1 dilution are you kidding? No, for body applications it is usually 1:2 ratio … face applications are 1:5 – 1:10 but vary and only a qualified Aromatherapist can determine appropriate ratios because that's what they've spent their time invested in studying the chemistry of essential oils! Essential oils such as black pepper are muscles membrane sensitive and are in no way to be ingested unless otherwise instructed by an Aromatic Medicine Practitioner, who has undergone additional studies in this feild!
    Essential oils do not belong in the hands of mlm brands or supermarket shelves in respect to addressing conditions and symptoms …. You would not see pharmaceuticals in the hands of mlm brands! But then nothing surprises me, soon we'll have antibiotics and penicillin being pitched by mlm brands!
    Actually that's ridiculous, that'll never happen because just like the Essential oil platform, it's a specialised feild of study and qualification!

  10. When my back pain is really bad and I've tried other oils and taken my pain meds. I make a blend of black pepper, ginger and clary sage essential oils works every time! I don't use this very often so I get maximum benefit from this blend, the only one I do use often is clary sage. Either put it in the bath or apply with carrier oil onto the painful area!

  11. You mentioned pepper essential oil was good for nicotine cravings. is there anything–maybe you could do a video on addiction to opioids? What essential oils or herbs could help for opiate addiction. there are so many people on yt that are jumping off suboxone and methadone and suffering for 90 days+ still getting extrene withdrawal symptoms; the lack of sleep is what kills them.

  12. Oh yes I've noticed that they don't come around to the tables anymore with that gigantic peppermill. I didn't like that. that always made me uncomfortable.

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