Body cam video released where bride accused of spiking guests' food with drugs

Deputies have released body camera video from a February wedding in Longwood where multiple guests complained of feeling …


  1. She's just totally nuts, this one. And the groom too. She's just smoked too much of her own funny weed!!!! This is not funny!! This is serious stuff! 😳😵🙄

  2. My husband would be very ill if this happened to us.
    He has adverse reactions to any medication and cannot handle pot, alcohol or pills.
    Also, he has an important job and a drug test would ruin thirty years of hard work!!!!

  3. I feel for those who were really sickened. I am a lightweight on pot, so even though I smoke every day and in tiny amounts, it wouldn't take much for me to be so stoned I couldn't hold my head up. Might not even know what the heck hit me like that.

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