Cannabis and Diabetes

Cannabis has many potential benefits from those suffering from diabetes. In this video, we’ll talk about the pros (and cons) of …


  1. I have type 2 diabetes and 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with anaemia due to high protein levels in my urine (500 to be exact). Which brand CBD would you recommend and the dosage?

    I live in San Francisco bay area.

  2. My mental and physical health is better since I first started a few months ago. Extra sunflower lecithin in coconut oil seems to make it more potent.

  3. Any body have data, where blood sugar when u take thc vs cbd?
    Looking a1c before and after?
    Looking for daily intake and dose and does it make a difference on your daily blood sugar test?
    And data would be helpful, thank you!

  4. Hi, me I'm diabetes types 2 and since i decide to smoke recreationel weed i realise that my blood sugar go back to normal and even my blood pressure and i'm losing weight (last years I was around 230 and now I'm at 198 now) and i'm still eat sugar when i smoke weed "I smoke around 1.5 at 2 gr. a day" ( the side effect of the weed) and i feel better and i have more energie. Do you think it will be better for me to ask for medical weed.

  5. I have type 2 diabetes and IBS I consume edibles, not a smoker and a couple of things that I noticing is loss of bladder and bowel control is this a result of the diabetes and the underlying conditions am I taking too much

  6. 6:16 so does it double the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis? I’m asking because you deleted it then replaced it without explaining it. A better explanation would be greatly appreciated thank you

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