Date Breakfast Cookies |whole food plant based | oil free cooking | no sugar

wholefoodplantbased #breakfastcookie #chefjulia #oatmeal Date Breakfast Cookies Chef Julia Dunaway In the video I show that I …


  1. These cookies passed the test with a husband who loves oatmeal cookies. He hasn’t a clue these are actually good for him., All he will ever know is that they are less sweet than what he’d been used to. After having had a triple by-pass, he is ready to eat healthy.

  2. Great recipe.
    Happy you are explaining the reason behind not using refine sugar.
    Dates are whole food and much better for our health.
    Love how you explain in details your recipes.

  3. Fantastic recipe! I love your style of presentation. Informative and interesting to watch! I have a weird question. Do you get food all over your camera/or phone when you film. I make cooking videos too and I’m always getting food all over my phone. Any tips from one cooking creator to another? I’d love to learn from each other.

  4. These look SO GOOD! I can't wait to make them! 
    Thank you for clarifying which dates to use for each purpose and showing them close up!
    Hoping since my order's still a week out to ship that I can switch to 11# bulk from 10# wet! Calling them in the AM!

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