Flora CBD: Long Cut CBDips Review

Chad reviews Flora CBD’s Long Cut CBDips – Fuego, Cinnamon, Bourbon, Wintergreen, and Southern Peach!


  1. Do you have to be 21 to purchase this? Gas stations told me i have to be 21 to buyherbal snuff lol ig ill have to wait for that but i want this stuff. Btw i live in indiana

  2. Hey maybe you said it and I missed it but do you need to spit? Just Got myself a can down the road. Just wanna make sure I dont make myself sick fir no reason lmao

  3. That’s a great video you got me into candidates Chad so thanks for that I love them I know I got the winter green one and I didn’t have the flavor but I just did the tropical mango one oh man that one’s good and I also got the met one I need to try the other to the citrus and the cinnamon one so I will do it but they’re great thanks Chad I love CBD

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