Girl, 7, uses medical marijuana for cancer treatment

A seven year-old girl with a rare form of cancer in Oregon uses medical marijuana as part of her treatment.


  1. If the doctors will load her up on morphine which is physically addictive and much harsher on the body. Why not use something non-addictive, safe and natural 🙂

  2. If it is a plant and it came out of the ground then it is not a drug but a herb, plant or medicine. If someone smokes carrots or cabbage and they got high, does that make carrot or cabbage a drug ? You all know that CBD saves lives all over the world. It heals all types of cancer.

  3. I would do absolutely anything to make my kids pain go away. No child should be in pain at 7 years old. They should be running around climbing trees and playing

  4. If someone is dying and the pharmaceutical drugs aren’t working, then you should be able to try other things that have even a little good reputation, especially natural stuff. This also goes with covid. If you’re dying from covid and nothing is working, let the damn person try ivermectin or antibodies. Why deny th the CHANCE?

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  6. Funny weed gives me munchies but starves the harmful cells in the body.
    Unfortunately the federal will stop at nothing to keep it banned.
    Since the big $ is in cancer treatments.
    So sad.

  7. Honestly, marijuana is a huge game changer for Chemotherapy patients….anything that will knock the edge off of the physical side effects, alone with helping the emotional side the way marijuana does, should be used. Marijuana is the only thing out there that doesn't have a huge list of side effects…

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  9. I bet she feels better now than she ever has. These industries are taking advantage of cancer patients with their expensive chemotherapy plans and other pain medications. Let the girl have her plants and you can keep your expensive cancer medications that's going to destroy your body.

  10. As a catholic I believe God made weed for people to enjoy I think god doesn't mind people smoking weed getting high but god made weed to help people like cancer , parkinsons, depression , anxiety , eating disorders marijuana stops tumor growth

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  13. Cannabis saved my grandfathers life and it saved my grandmothers life, both had cancer, both went into remission after i made them homemade Rick Simpson oil (Phoenix Tears) they were a little drowsy at first, but once we got dosages down, about a grain of rice twice a day, they were both cancer free within 3 months, grandma had leukemia and grandpa had colorectal cancer, i also made suppositories for grandpa made of rick simpson oil diluted in coconut oil and put into plastic straw and frozen over night, dont believe the media, the doctors, the scientists, they are all paid off by the same people, who use them to pump radiation into you! save yourself, for FREE!

  14. Weed is not a drug its and herb. You can pick this in the yard dry it not add anything to it and it has the same exact effects. And that's why it's illegal no Suicidal Thoughts hallucinations it can't cause cancer it can't give you all these thousands of side effects that other medications give you that makes you need other medications that makes you need physical therapy and mental therapy and that's why they are against it because in the long run it won't make them any money we can grow it right in my yard for free and that's why it's illegal and that's why they created quote on quote "Medical Marijuana" so they can make some type of profit so they will make it legal in some states but make it illegal for people to be able to sell it unless they have a license to sell it so they can keep up with everything get taxes from everything and still make profit from everything. God said that every plant bearing seed shall be good for you and it shall be you meat.

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