Grow Tip: Growing Cannabis Indoors With Purple LED Lights

Dude Grows Grow Talk clip 888 Scotty, Guru and Dude Talking about the use of purple LEDS in the grow room while answering …


  1. I use the sun and when its bad weather or its getting dark i put 4 small led bars i think its blurple light but ey light is better then no light right?

  2. I will have to agree I have two tents and on my last run I had too many plants so I had to flower out both tents I did one with a sonlipo 301B diodes and I did another one with a blurpal light and the The buds under the 301 look much better

  3. Plus just grow weed to test how they match up not talk about it.
    Plus those little burple lites only cost like 50 dlls for four bulbs to grow 6 pots of weed. 600watt equivalent . cheap…..dispensaries r a rip off.

  4. What about CRI metrics? I rarely hear anyone talk about a light's CRI rating? The higher the CRI the better, in my opinion. Which LED grow lights provide the highest CRI? Thanks

  5. Pouring one out for all the homies that bought a blurple light before doing any research that's now taking up shelf space and collecting dust.

  6. Purple leds good for veg. PINK or white is best for flower. Please if your going to talk about led colors talk about the three main type aka blupurple,pink and white.

  7. There are definitely quality blurples, clw ss 1110 is an amazing light. Guru does have a point, youll need more watts on a blurple to match a white led in terms of hp. Personally i would rather have the control over the plant morphology with the spectrum controller, and as a result losing a little bit of efficiency. The view mode which only turns the white leds on -is a really nice feature with the clw. I am not sponsored by clw and i definitely would have went a different route if i hadnt bought this light when i first was doing research a couple years back, but overall i like the fact that it has the uvb bulbs and you can run a full grow under it having the blues, whites and reds.

  8. Is gavita not made in the US? They've got a crazy LED model out, kind of a rip off of the Fluence spyder. Efficiency is up at like 2.6 – I think the GrowMaus light must be cheaper per photon though.

  9. I run both in different rooms….. my HLG 550 R2 is kickass, but my Blurple grows just as good to be honest and they’re Cronus LED With Bluetooth, remote, can take the red & blue out if you want and make it all white, pretty kickass

  10. The phytomax 2 has yet to disappoint.. is it the best no. But if you have it use it.. no need to buy another especially if it's just personal use … besides LEDs now days are like pc.. buy one today out of date tomorrow.. folks always say ohhh they good for 7 years.. who waits 7 years to jump on the next one…..with that logic why do
    Drop new ones with "upgrades" if the one you just got can go 7years.. end rant hahaha love the show keep it up dgc

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