Growing Marijuana with Limited Space – Harvest Stacking

Stacking is a technique of staggering harvests from the same crop by staging flower cycles. The plants shown here are all clones …


  1. Hey great videos man. I dig the vibes and knowledge sharing. Doing my first grow (outdoors) and I'm also in SoCal so I was wondering how you prevent any heat stress, if any, with your outdoor plants?

  2. Crazy that im watching this video a day after i had to do this cause my girls are getting bigggg. If i wouldnt of did it yesterday i would of today! Another nice vid

  3. Thanks for the update, Dr. Bacon. Here's a few suggestions for a future T5 grow.

    Several factors contribute to a plant's height, apart from genetics, such as: 1) pot size, 2) spacing between plants, 3) day time light hours, and 4) length of the veg period. In order to finish your plants under your T5s, I suggest the following adjustments:

    1. Reduce veg period to 30 days MAX.

    2. Reduce the veg lights-on cycle to 15 hrs MAX. Some cultivators reduce it to 12 hrs, during veg. Doing that will force plants to produce one main cola, with next to no branching, if any.

    3. Flower in a 1.0-1.5 gallon pot size MAX. The Air-pot (not Smart-pot) comes in a 1.4 gal size, which will perform just as well as a traditional 2 gal pot, if not better.

    4. Do not crowd plants too close together. Forcing them to compete for light results in stretch and taller plants.

    I realize you want to up-pot partially due to the watering schedule; but perhaps a wick system, or mini drip Irrigation system, on a timer, for your T5 set-up is the way to solve your watering problem; rather than up-poting to a bigger size.

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