How to Make a SIMPLE Cannabis Tincture (THC or CBD)

In this episode, I will discuss in detail How to Make a SIMPLE Cannabis Tincture (THC or CBD). Learn how to make a SIMPLE …


  1. I was wondering how to do it i watched alot of videos and made my own salve out of coconut oil and about 1quart size of weed to 2 cups of coconut oil and added beeswax thats it

  2. as a chef, and not a chemist i have been searching the net for a tincture recipe. i was using coconut oil and decarbed herb, cooked ALL DAY. one teaspoon is hard to get down, blah! but its been hurting my stomach. this is the 5th video, and i am a canadian so this was very VERY well explained to me ( can't get the strong alcohol in nova scotia).
    may i ask, if i cooked your recipe a little, on low, would it further increase the potency?
    thank you, you made me smile!!

  3. Thanks you from England just got the magical butter machine had loads fun making butter n going have ago at tintures to make so much more stuff

  4. Hi, first this is my favourite cannabis channel! Second, for someone who mainly makes cannaoil with coconut oil and mct oil. Can the leftover pulp be added to an alcohol tincture overtime? My oils are quite strong as i decarb and infuse for 2-3 hours but like the idea of the alcohol extracting any remaining compounds i missed.

  5. So I left this comment in someone else’s comment, but I’m hoping you’d see this. Can I decarb with a microwave? I don’t have an oven thanks

  6. This was very helpful and easy to understand. Thank you for explaining. I am planning on making my first CBD tincture. Just researching and reading about different methods. I am wondering if an alcohol based CBD tincture would give me stomach issues or later on if used daily would do liver damage?

  7. Maybe a ridiculous question… if you’re growing a plant and ready to harvest you get the buds, and process as per your video instructions, and then you have all the rest of the plant. All the big leaves and such can these be trimmed down and processed too? I’m thinking about how broccoli leaves are very nutritious even tho we generally eat just the broccoli “flower.” Do the leaves have medicinal value (thc or otherwise?). Thank you!

  8. Very good! Better: roughly grind the bud first, which exposes more surface area/ trichomes, then decarb. The crispy bud pieces post-decarb infuse easily with less stirring to make sure you get the maximum resin glands falling off of the leaf material and infusing into your oil or alcohol.

  9. Try using an inexpensive French Coffee Press instead of cheese cloth to separate the herbs from the tincture. I find that the cheese cloth absorbs (wastes) a lot of the precious tincture.

  10. i missed the part where you say how much cannabis and how much alcohol. is it the full 14 grams you put in the decarb machine with a half cup of alcohol?

  11. Great video! One question – Where does the alcohol go in the tincture? (Some don't like alcohol bur would like to take it as a tincture? Any recommendations?) '

  12. Very good video! I have 96% alcohol…is this best for this, or too much? Wouldn't it be a good idea to evaporate the alcohol, to get a stronger product? Just curious 😉

  13. Absolutely wonderful presentation . I have been vaping for about 2 years now and always assumed the stuff left was "dead". You have just blown my mind and made me heart broken in equal measures as I just bin it LOL ……………………….. thank you so much for this, amazing info. 🙏💗🌹

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