How To Make Rosin Lozenges (Cannabis Infused Honey Lemon Ginger Hard Candy): Cannabasics #42

Today on Cannabasics we learn how to make cannabis infused honey lemon ginger hard candy/ cough drops called Rosin …


  1. Just for fun… grab your juicer, toss in a bunch of ginger, freeze the juice in ice trays, & it makes for super easy cooking be it smoothies/anything else โ˜บ๏ธ. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

  2. Usually you need something to bind the thc to the sugar. In this case the citric acid in the lemon juice might do the job.
    If it doesn't bind, the rosin will be visible in the end product.

  3. Watched it again and have to compliment your video again. So well done. Someone actually used a real camera to shoot it and not a phone. Love everything but recommend Stevia as the anti-sticking "agent" over white powdered sugar. Keep making great videos PLEASE.

  4. The video was good until the part where you added the rosin in at 250 F and said it will decarboxylate over the next few hours this isn't so. I would decarb at 250 F 25-30 minutes or until it stops bubbling then add it when you get down to 250 F

  5. But doesnt using honey mean your rock candy will be greasy and leave juice on the wrapper? This is why i use light corn syrup

  6. Thanks for a well done video. I do have a difference of opinion regarding using rosin (barely decarbed) and expecting it to be fully decarbed/activated by adding it to the hot candy concoction. The ultimate cannabis extract to use would be a fully and correctly decarbed extract not depending on the remaining heat to activate for you. Not easy to find but get some true organic ethanol based cryogenic extracted cannabis oil made from hyper-organically sun-grown cannabis and voila, magic medicine. Thanks for incorporating fresh healthy ingredients (except white powdered sugar) into your recipe. Many of us appreciate that. Please continue to do informative and well done videos as this one.

  7. I just made these using
    1/2 c. Coconut Nectar
    1/2 c. Raw local honey
    4 tbsp. Lemon juice
    1tbsp. Minced ginger (I LOVE Ginger)
    4+ g. Kief/Rosin
    at the very end I stirred in a few drops of Lemon Myrtle pure 100% Essential Oil. They are amazing.

    Link for coconut nectar I used

  8. I add that mixture of honey, ginger and lemon to a special tea with a pinch of Cayenne pepper and boil for 30 minutes. You drink it hot as you can. It has been in my family for centuries my auntie says. This candy must taste like my childhood lol

  9. If I wanted to make that many say half a dozen lozenges. How much kief would one use? Alsoif I wanted them to be lollipop sweet what would you do differently?

  10. damn healthy as long as the thc doesn't over ride the other very important medicinal aspects to cannabis..CBN CBD CBG EXT there's at least five I know of that have proofen health benifits..THC has none on its's just a psycho active part of the herb.

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