Is Microdosing The Future of Marijuana?

The creator of LSD, Dr. Albert Hofmann, believed that ingesting tiny amounts of the drug could have therapeutic value, and …


  1. VICE News traveled to Portland, Oregon, to meet Ethan Earnest, creator of marijuana microdose pills called Mirth Control, which contain a fraction of the THC found in a typical joint or batch of edibles. Earnest compares Mirth Control to “open-source Xanax. Watch Next:

  2. I microdose smoking it, about 4 tokes and I’m set. But depends on what’s in the bowl too, CBD, indica or sativa as well as the strain

  3. Dumbasses he isn't the one who created some edible pills… cannabis is edible itself…in India people make cookies, chocolates and sweets of hemph.

  4. After many failed attempts with other brands I finally found this brand. The products at Weedborn are the best and I don't think I will ever have to look for another CBD supplier again.

  5. With the helping hands of psytimepharmaceuticals, Being suffering from depression for over 10 years was hectic and difficult for me as i always had to fight the thoughts of death and suicide…i started taking mushroom chocolate bars and it has been of great help and value to me. I have been able to pass depression and i am in a more conscious and enlightened state of my life jas been a beautiful journey but not an easy one…and am happy i feel better and..i have never been more connected to the universe and see the world differently!

  6. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————microdosing is so wonderful thanks to CYPRO_HEALS on IG he showed me the perfect way to microdose 🍄

  7. What's the point if big liquor and beer companies and cigarettes and tobacco companies take over the weed industry

    by putting their own chemical that cause cancer or tumors weed is not fresh how used to be and if not the big Tobacco liquor companies the government be putting their chemicals in it too

    But no old people got trick because they see hundreds of commercials talking about why big government and big companies is a good idea for them to take over the weed industry

  8. Lol “Is this medicine or a recreational drug”, haha if it’s just loose in a bag it’s “recreational drugs”but, if that same pot is ground up and put inside of a capsule it’s now called “medicine“. Haha stupid humans.

  9. I think it is easy to understand… People want to controp how, when, where, why, and how much weed you partake of. Wtf is this a conversation… Whats next.. Are limitations going to be put in place for how many times a day i can urinate?

    There are people that use marijuana to tap into a higher level of consciousness. Or the connect with their higher power. The government controling this stuff makes me sick to my stomach and full of rage.

    They dont have the fucking right!!

  10. Shrooms got great benefits, I made an order from @pat_shroomtrip on Instagram my whole life feels new again. depression and anxiety got nothing on me.

  11. Micro Dosing is a game changer for sure. It’s nice to have a medical card & be able to buy oral products and not just flower.

  12. Looking forward to getting any Psychedelics product,DMT or lsd check@matt_tripper on IG also grow and sell delivery to any destination

  13. Great comment, ‘micro dosing marijuana is like open source Xanax’ and this stuff is underground. Shelved along with conspiracies fir mainstream We’re all fringe dwellers ! that would consider this or hallucinogenics

  14. I just read a study that says between 1 mg to 7 mg of cannabis is anxiolytic, promotes fear extinction, and quiets the amygdala which is the source of fear and traumatic memories. Anything over 7 mg and you begin to have a reversal of effects.

  15. I have pancreatic cancer and microdosing have been extremely helpful. I am very functional and able to tolerate food much better. Most importantly, my anxiety level has been reduced and I am much happier.

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