Making EDIBLES with an AIR FRYER?

Today I decided to experiment with my own air fryer recipe. I think an air fryer is the perfect addition to any kitchen, so I wanted to …


  1. Just got my weed card! Could you do a video on your favorite weed strains and such? I'm a (beginner) and I love your videos, especially your hair! 🌻💜

  2. I’ve heard to use the air fryer outside for the decarb phase due to the smell.. but does the loud smell go away? Or will it linger in my air fryer for all eternity? Bc my husband hates the smell of gas and I don’t want to ruin our new air fryer😅

  3. I love making these to me decarbing is just an extra step as long as it binds with something fatty then it still gets you medicated good video liked and subscribed

  4. Great video I Decarboxylation for 60 minutes then put back in for 15 minutes at 250 OMG came out just like the dispensary fire 🔥 Thanks for the video 420 all day everyday

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