Substance Use Disorders DSM 5 TR Changes

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  1. What about food? Obviously humans depend on food to stay alive but I feel my food binges have crossed over into the abusing my body category. It’s made me very obese. Is overeating food an addiction?

  2. Wow 😳 you look amazing Dawn-Elise! Just absolutely Stunning today! 😳😊😍

    I was wanting to tell you I think it's really cute how you sometimes get really excited about something your saying then it's like you self regulate and stop yourself and pause to calm down. I love that kind of passion on people for anything good like what they are educating others on.
    It's a good thing and a good kind of excited we could use more people having about important things they are passionate about.

    Never think that that passion needs to be stifled! K? 😁🙃

    Anyway I do the same thing. I'll notice I'm getting going about something I'm telling someone and it's kinda automatic because I've had people who didn't understand and made fun mostly when I was little but it put a damper on my enthusiasm.

    Not trying to be hypocritical but more trying to let you know some of us understand and personally you make me smile when you get excited about what you're teaching!

    Just wanted you to know it's pretty awesome to my thinking! So are you Angel!

    Hope you're having a wonderful and blessed day and not getting too exhausted! 😊🙃💯

    Take care of yourself always Beautiful 💯👨🏻‍🦲🤭

  3. Doctor Snipes, You have a strong delivery and cadence. Very informative and relevant to the topics being covered. A plethora of content on this channel. Thanks again!

  4. I just asked myself if this video was sent to me by God. I just scrolled upon your “ healing your inner child” video and I was crying so bad reminiscing on my childhood ijust had to save the video to watch later because I really want to retain everything your saying. As I was watching your video I was smoking a bowl and I thought to myself I really need to quit smoking to focus on healing myself. So after closing the video I subscribe and decided to check out some of your other videos and this is the first one I see 😮 addiction runs deep in my family it’s something I desperately want to have control of. I can’t wait to listen.

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